Tuesday, 19 March 2013

let's get down to business

Isn't this diagram perfect? It totally works for me.

When you're embarking on a Tarot business, you have the liberty of exploring what you do well and promoting that to your advantage. What's your 'edge'? What's your style of reading? Which techniques do you know like the back of your hand and employ with regularity to help your clients? These are the things which make you the reader you are. If your readings are highly practical and packed full of advice, let your audience know that. If you've been a psychic or medium since you were a kid and you use these gifts in your readings, let it be known. Are you a person-centred counsellor? Do you work with spirit guides? Is there a certain area which you feel can be termed a 'speciality' for you (for example relationship readings, business advice or career guidance)? Get comfortable with what you do well. Own it. Let it be your defining characteristic in a sprawling market place which is full of readers who all have something a little bit unique to offer. When you're celebrating what you do well, you can be sure that those who are prepared to pay for your services not only know what they are getting but won't be disappointed with it. Knowing and promoting your key skill set means that people can buy with confidence. This will mean that you can really let your inner light shine.

Next, take a look at what you want to progress towards. Take a look at what you want to learn. No good Tarot reader really feels they're done with their journey of exploration. Tarot is an endless, in-depth journey and there is always more to learn and more wisdom to receive from the deck if you allow it into your heart. What you want to do is not necessarily what you are yet ready to be paid for. The techniques and concepts which you aspire to master are the ones you need to gain more confidence in so that you can eventually add them to your repertoire. Don't feel insecure about the learning you still have to do. Even people at the very top of their game have a burning desire to progress, to branch out, to enhance their skills.. Organise a schedule for enhancing your knowledge or gaining any necessary certification, if you feel that's the road you want to go down. Make a spider diagram of your 'game plan' so that you can navigate your way towards offering the calibre of service you feel reflects the guidance you really want to give.

When you're getting paid to interpret Tarot cards into practical advice, nurturing guidance and compassionate encouragement, you're undertaking a lot of what psychologists call 'emotional labour'. This needs to be taken into consideration, alongside your other time commitments, any other jobs you do and your own need for a life away from your role as a guide or counsellor. These considerations go hand in hand with pricing your services correctly, making sure that the energy exchange is fair and that you're not selling yourself short. If you're offering freebies or reduced rates, that's great. After all, no one gets into this kind of work to become a millionaire - it's safe to say you do it to be of service to others and to play an important role in enhancing the lives of your clients. Giving free readings is also a great way to establish praise and testimonials - this helps your confidence as well as your earning potential. Just remember to manage your energy correctly. Take a look at where the bulk of your time goes and how much you're giving away for free. Take a look at what feels right for you in your gut. Check in with yourself when you need to re-evaluate and, when you do need to make changes, don't worry about what other people think. If you know in your heart that you're doing the right thing, you're on the right track. If you start out trying to live your passion through toeing some kind of invisible line which you imagine makes you seem worthy in the eyes of whoever, you're not going to be conducting your business in an authentic way and it will hinder the kind of readings you want to give.

Do it from heart level.