Tuesday, 19 March 2013

the four queens

For a while now I've been thinking about writing a post to explain why my channel, blog and online business is called 'The Four Queens'. Evidently, it's a Tarot reference, but why not, 'The High Priestess' or 'The Suit of Wands' or whatever? The Four Queens came very naturally as a name for all the shizzle I was looking to start doing. It popped into my head after only a couple of minutes and I didn't really second guess it - I pretty much immediately made a blog called The Four Queens and the rest is history, as they say.

I've felt a strong connection to all of the queens in Tarot since I came to think of myself as a woman rather than a girl, I guess. I see all of my most important attributes in each of the queens - the energies it's important to keep nurturing, the ideas it's essential for me to embrace and the skills I need to keep celebrating as I continue to grow. Whenever Tarot has a message for me about the vital nature of my core being or the enormity of my inner power, that message normally comes in the shape of a queen. I also think that the queens are the most beautiful cards in pretty much every deck. Each of the queens poses challenges to me at different points in my personal development. Some of those challenges are exceptionally tough and they need to be waded through like treacle. Sometimes the queens remind me that I'm hiding from a part of myself which could be utilised to help me reach a higher level. The queens don't allow me to stay where I am. They continuously urge me to keep going. They reflect the need to face my shadow, to explore my fears and to look at the way I see myself. The four queens in Tarot are connected by a wonderfully organic kind of harmony - none of them would really work without the others. They form a solid foundation for self-exploration for me.

Queens in Tarot are often about balance, self-knowledge, inner and outer harmony and the full embodiment of personal power. The queens make the rules which the kings enforce. The queens shape the environment - they decide what's important, what's going to be necessary to make something work and how much energy needs to be invested into each particular part of any given task or circumstance. The queens are confident in their abilities, they know themselves, they're comfortable with the resources they have and they use them freely and with self-belief. They work within the confines of any given situation, making the best out of it and fortifying themselves to make it through. If you're a queen, you're in the seat of your power. You feel entitled to rule your personal kingdom as you see fit. You know that people will come to you for counsel, so you have to be sure in your beliefs, pure in your intentions and honest in your endeavours - I wanted to be all of these things when I started offering readings to people and I will continue to be all of those things as I progress on that journey.

For me, The Four Queens means, 'I will embody the powers and energies of each of these four figures. I will never forget that they are reflections of the four chambers of my heart. I will try to keep their virtues close to me. I will try to never lose my inner queens.' And this is how I want to run my shit, for life.

Considering that I chose the name for my endeavours so quickly and spontaneously, I'm fortunate never to have found myself regretting it or wishing I'd picked something different. The Four Queens is perfect. It reflects me as well as any mirror ever could. In the past, I have lost an inner queen or two along the way. I've always reconnected with each of them again. That's what life is like. Your core being is always there, made up of all the things which inspire and provide constancy. You just have to blow those things kisses as often as possible, and encourage other people to do the same.

The best advice to anyone who's naming anything which will reflect any part of themselves or their work is, obviously, pick a name you can live with. 

(By the way, I gave myself two middle names, 'Frida' (after Frida Kahlo) and 'Regine' - the French word for queen. Thanks Deedpoll.)