Sunday, 24 March 2013

the strength in your love match

 Appreciating your strengths and the strengths of your partner can bring new meaning and happiness to your connection. Get a piece of paper and write down at least three of your signature strengths. Maybe they'll look something like this:

- assertiveness
- ambition
- self-belief

Or maybe like this:

- generosity
-  fairness
- enthusiasm

Now take another piece of paper and write down your partner's signature strengths. Start thinking about which situations and challenges in your relationship have been overcome as the result of your strengths. Now do the same when thinking about your partner's strengths. Which of their strengths have fortified you and vice versa?

Celebrate the positive aspects of your partner's character. Celebrate the positive aspects of yours. Consider any strengths which may be lacking in either of you and how to find constructive, loving ways to work on them.