Wednesday, 17 April 2013

for all you lone wolves out there

When the Seven of Swords rolls around, it's time to make sure you've locked all the doors. Not literally. Well, actually, it's always smart to double check, but it's more of a metaphor. People you distrust should be kept at arm's length; you shouldn't delegate work to anyone whom you feel will leave it unfinished, nor should you trust blabbermouths with your deepest secrets. This card is often a reminder that it's wise to work out who you can rely on and it's even wiser to make sure that you can truly rely on yourself. Sometimes the card symbolises betrayal, manipulation or deceit. Sometimes it simply warns us that we're open to those things because we haven't been selective about our social group or clear about our boundaries. There's a theme of precaution in this card - better safe than sorry. 

The flip-side of this card is the risk of being overly cagey around people, usually as the result of bad experiences in the past. When you've been burned, it's hard to get close to people and rather than work through your issues, you may choose to tar everyone with the same brush. This makes for a pretty lonely life. Even if you're surrounded by friends, you might be unable to really let anyone beneath your bubbly exterior and that leaves you wondering who you'd turn to if you needed an outside opinion on something important. Are you a lone wolf through choice or through fear? Many lone wolves find it difficult to answer that question without undergoing a huge spiritual shift which shakes them down the core. In a good way.

If someone betrayed you, you're entitled to take the time you need to deal with that, to mourn the loss of what you thought you meant to that person and to heal your emotional wounds. What you shouldn't do is betray yourself by refusing to rejoin the world and enjoy close connections ever again. That's a bigger betrayal than any which could be levelled against you from another person. When you screw yourself out of happiness, you know you're in need of a serious re-evaluation. You can cut the crap without cutting the heart strings. Remember that next time you feel like licking your wounds. Not everyone wants to hurt you.