Wednesday, 17 April 2013

my mum always says, patience is a virtue

The Three of Pentacles tends to signify a time of learning. Sure, sometimes it can come up when you're studying for important exams or learning the ropes in a new job, undergoing training of some kind.. But it also makes a lot of sense when you're going through periods of inner exploration, when your perspective on something is shifting or when you're finally working out what you really want. Whether you're seeking outer knowledge or inner wisdom, this card symbolises the value of patience, grace and determination. Keep going and remember, you won't learn it all overnight. The journey is arduous at times and you'll need to make sure you don't get lazy. Or complacent. Or resentful. Or just about ready to throw in the towel.

Reserve your judgement until you know all the facts. Just as you shouldn't go into an exam without doing any revision, neither should you decide your opinion on something with only minimal understanding of what actually happened. We can be quick to pick a side, but there's usually more to the story than meets the eye and, if we are patient and open to greater understanding, we may come to realise something significant which will help us to make a more informed choice. This card often represents the need to listen to others and to absorb information without making snap decisions. It also represents the incredible will power that's needed to learn something for real, so that you remember it, know it back to front - so that it becomes part of you. Whether you're stumbling over a difficult chapter in your chemistry book or you've found yourself having to re-learn a life lesson you thought you'd learned five years ago, accept the challenge with humility. Don't be hard on yourself as that will only make the task more difficult to complete.

Enjoy times of learning. That can seem impossible to do at times, particularly when you've got your eye on a prize and you want to get to the future immediately. But be mindful - stay in the present moment and smile as you watch it unfold.