Monday, 1 April 2013

preparing for the future

I don't believe I can predict the future. I believe, in fact, that the future is changing all the time and its shape depends upon what happens in the present. When it comes to Spiritual Counselling, I think that this approach brings empowerment to those who may feel weak or incapable. My interest is in helping people find their voice, their power, their inner core.. When it comes to the future, my approach is simple. As a highly intuitive person, I can see what the likely outcome will be if certain measures are not put into place or actions taken. Basically, power is always placed into the hands of the querent - it is never mine to give away, it is theirs to find. It stands to reason that a perpetuating cycle is likely to continue feeding on its own poison unless a change is made. You don't need to be psychic to work that out - you just need to be emotionally intelligent. My methods centre on what kind of change needs to be made, how to implement that change and how to follow through with it so that it's healthy, long-lasting and in alignment with my querent's core principles. So, how does this work when I'm focusing on myself? Exactly the same way. I see a problem, an obstacle, a cycle or a limiting belief and I focus on being the change I need to see to free myself from it. In February, I consulted the oracle and considered how the cards could help me confirm and configure. I'm going to do this again for the first day of April, asking my oracle deck to give me a little kick-start as I try to get in touch with that red-hot doing energy of Beltane.

I'll draw four cards:

- Core (me in my current situation and mindset)
- Obstacle (what needs to be overcome or addressed)
- Action (do something, damnit!)
- Outcome (the change I will see if I dare to act)

The first thing I've noticed is that my Core card is the only one which is pictorial - the others all represent chakras. Which I think is hugely exciting! It shows that the work I have to do in the coming month is inner work and that I must dare to go deeper than I've been so far.

The Core card is New Beginnings - the number 0, comparable to The Fool in Tarot. This couldn't be more perfect because a shift has certainly taken place. Last week, I handed in my notice at my full time job. I'm finally taking the risk - finding something part time so I can focus on what really matters to me - writing and teaching to inspire and motivate others. The figure in the New Beginnings card is strong, brave, shoulders back, putting her foot out into the untapped universe of the future. I must be the same - there's no going back. The door behind her is closed. I need to mourn what's no longer open to me and decide to release what no longer serves. I'm making a commitment to do this day by day.

The Obstacle card is Base Chakra. This, again, makes total sense. Synchronicity never surprises me when I'm working with a deck of cards! The base chakra is the chakra which deals with foundations, stability, survival and security. This card's message is clear as daylight - the obstacle is financial instability. True! I'm giving up a healthy income to go back to basics and I know that I'll have to sacrifice certain luxuries in order to be more emotionally and professionally fulfilled. This is going to be a major challenge and I'm not 100% comfortable with it yet. I'll have to find revenue streams which are in alignment with my core being, a part time job which permits me to follow my bliss with my writing and such and, most importantly, I'll have to learn to be happy with less. So, how do I do this?

Crown Chakra is the Action card. Spirituality is addressed here. Wisdom, inner knowledge, guidance and learning are also explored. Basically, not only do I need to 'use my head' in order to plan accordingly and organise my time sensibly, but I also need to turn to the spiritual core which has led me to this decision in the first place. I need to be unafraid of embracing my spiritual self holistically, permitting it to absorb into every aspect of my life. Sometimes it's difficult to let intuition take the wheel when it comes to matters of finance and material stability, but my intuition is knocking at the door at all times and I need to be brave enough to let it into the house of my heart.

Outcome? Heart Chakra. How perfect. Compassion, empathy, forgiveness, love.. I know that there is work to do in this area and the fact that I'll now have the time to place importance on it makes it seem more possible than ever. I know that, if I put my Action card into action, my outcome will look like my Outcome card predicts. I will find even greater capacity for love, for giving, for guiding and for being in the seat of my own power to forgive, to understand and to continue with nothing but love.

Onwards and inwards!

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