Saturday, 6 April 2013

take your own advice

Here's a challenge for you: Take your own advice. You know, that advice which you freely and lovingly dispense to others. The kind of advice which tends to make people think differently and see a new pathway - a fresh direction. Sometimes I can't help thinking about how much more satisfaction we'd get out of life if we took our own advice. The truth is, if you're reading this right now, the chances are that you've probably been led here to my humble blog because it resonates with you. It probably resonates with you because you're spiritually centred, emotionally switched on, interested in developing yourself and living from heart level. This means that you're probably that 'listening ear' that so many people need. You're probably receptive to other people's feelings, keen to help people with their problems, good at seeing the other side of the coin.. You probably come out with some serious gold when other people need it most, but it's important to remember that the gold you selflessly give away is yours too. You can have some. You can take your own advice.

When you look at the issues in your life -the recurring patterns, the emotional blockages, the feeling of being stuck somewhere unpleasant- try thinking about what kind of advice you'd give to a friend who's found themselves in your situation. Is it different to the advice you'd give to yourself? So many people say to a loved one, 'Don't put up with being undervalued', yet they themselves are the willing victims of unfair treatment. People say, 'Follow your bliss' without ever really considering if they are following their own bliss and co-creating their reality according to their true desires.

What kind of advice have you given lately? How can you apply it to your own life? If you find that you're great at supporting others, there's no doubt that you're great at supporting yourself. Of course, everyone needs objectivity and outside guidance from time to time, but don't underestimate your power to heal, to grow and to take life by the balls!