Saturday, 13 April 2013

tarot from the comfort of home

Getting a Tarot reading should be a necessary act of self-indulgence. I love to imagine a client sitting down with a fresh cup of their favourite blend (at the moment mine is Vanilla Chai, if anyone's interested) and really letting themselves get lost (and found) in the messages from Tarot. I love to think of a client printing out the pages and taking them off to bed to read by lamplight, maybe
highlighting passages or drifting off to the dream world with Tarot magic between their ears. I actively encourage anyone who has the pleasure of receiving an email or recorded video reading to really take advantage of the format and the fact that it allows you to choose your setting, get comfortable, even slip into your pyjamas!

I write 98% of my Tarot readings from my bed with my laptop on my knees and the cards laid out on a cloth to the side of me. My favourite pillows are stacked up behind my back and I usually have one or two crystals on the bedside table which reflect the mood and theme of the reading. Nothing fancy! I write my readings in comfort, in a place I'm familiar with where my books are on the shelves and my nick-nacks are immediately to hand. I find a lot of inspiration in my room. There are ornaments to gaze at and volumes upon volumes of poetry and spiritual writing to delve into. 

I don't usually begin writing a reading as soon as the order comes in. I take time to consider the client's needs and permit myself to step into their shoes a little. I think about how I could customise the spread to add or change the layout so that the reading is as helpful as it can be for the client's concern. I also get myself into the right frame of mind to write something as in-depth as a two thousand word Tarot reading. I might take a long bath with candles, spend the night before the reading relaxing at a friend's house or go for a long, calming walk before beginning. I feel I owe it to my clients to make sure my energy is high and that I'm ready to dedicate a few hours of my life to them completely.

The most important thing for me is that I've truly embraced each client's point of focus and geared the messages of the cards towards it. And that at least one cup of tea was consumed during the making of it. Obviously.

To enjoy your own Tarot lie-in, visit the shop, select a reading which really speaks to you and then, when the magic enters your inbox, get under the blankets, switch off the world and prepare to start building your future.

Much love x