Friday, 5 April 2013


The time has come once again to collect together a little sample of the feedback I've received from clients. Part of the magic of reading Tarot for others is being told that your guidance has helped them on their journey. That really is what it's all about. I treasure every piece of feedback I get. It means the world to me. (I am now keeping client names private, in keeping with Etsy's feedback policy. If you want to read more testimonials, please check out the feedback section over at The Four Queens shop.)

 'Great response, as a repeat customer, it was nice to feel remembered from my previous reading as well as my past concern. Wonderful reading and suggestions and reminders as to how we have control of how we build our lives.'

'Kelly-Ann has really helped me over the years. She has an amazing gift of seeing through and understanding even the most complex situations and offering exactly the right support and advice. Her readings are incredibly sensitive, caring and insightful. I have had readings from a number of psychics in the past, and none have even come close to the sort of guidance that Kelly-Ann provides. She paints a picture of the paths that are open to you, where they can lead and the likely outcome, and always writes truthfully and empathetically. She is a real find and has a very rare and valuable ability.'

'Interesting, full of insights, encouraging, positively written ... I highly recommend TheFourQueens. Thank you very much.'

 'Kelly-Ann did such a beautiful job with my reading. I was blown away by her wisdom and compassion. She is doing a wonderful thing, and is helping so many people. Bless you, thank you, and take care.'

'Im so happy with my general tarot reading from Kelly-Ann. Not only was it insightful with messages, and pearls of wisdom, but also included topical points of reflection, to work with on with yourself while journaling or meditating. It brought much more focus into my present path.. Loved it! Thank you Kelly-Ann, you are one super talented and wise reader! <3'

 'A++++++ I highly recommend Kelly-Ann to anyone in need of an accurate and insightful reading! I was very pleased with mine, and I feel you gave me so many extra added insights, along with a wonderful exercise to help me in my healing process! Thank you SO much..I look forward to visiting again! Blessings!! xo'

 'Excellent service from this incredibly TALENTED individual! Highly recommend this very detailed, very informative reading. A lot of insight and very helpful. Not your 'run of the mill' reading at all---- extremely indepth and precise! In my opinion, the best buy on Etsy! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!'

Thank you so much for these kind words. They keep me doing what I'm doing.