Monday, 22 April 2013

the still stream within

My mum's neighbour across the road is what the English would call a 'curtain twitcher'. She's always concerning herself with what everyone else is doing. A week ago, someone drove down into the quiet street she lives on and parked by the pavement without using a driveway. I assume they were visiting someone. When they came out to their car there was a council notice on it informing them that they had broken the rules and would be fined if they did it again. My mum said the curtain twitcher definitely called the council since they don't patrol down the street at all unless they receive a call. The curtain twitcher always has her face at the window, watching and waiting for someone to do something she can react to.

I saw a much bigger spiritual consideration in this. I see a much bigger spiritual consideration in everything! The curtain twitchers of this world tend to look outside of themselves constantly to avoid what's going on within. Their comfort zone is a place of judgement and that judgement seems like a place they can hide so that there is no danger of having to judge the self and find ways to improve it and, ultimately, to evolve. To have a rich spiritual life is to always seek to grow from within. Curtain twitchers aren't only found in quiet neighbourhoods in England. They're all over the place, each of them putting their face up to the window in a different place, making different judgements, but the lesson is the same.

When spirit runs through every fibre of your being, you have very little time to worry about the mistakes other people are making. When you are spiritually centred, you understand that you yourself have made mistakes and learned hard lessons and you are looking to use those lessons effectively in your own life. The biggest sign that someone needs a kick-start in the spiritual growth department is, in my view, their desire to judge other people constantly. We only have a certain amount of energy - if too much is spent looking outside of the self for wrongdoings and shortcomings, the spirit within ultimately suffers.

I have never believed that there's anything wrong with observing other people in this world. It's important to know 'who to hire and who to fire', who to get into a serious relationship with and who to only allow a limited access to your soul. But using negative judgements of others as a way to deflect self-judgement can lead to all kinds of poison for the spiritual self. Don't drink it! Cast it aside and drink from the still stream within.