Friday, 12 April 2013

what does it mean to be 'spiritually centred'?

So, it's a term that's thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? Being spiritually centred, in my view, basically means being perfectly capable of stepping outside of your ego, recognising your infinite link to the universe and understanding that you are more than either your body or your mind - you are part of the all and you live in accordance with that premise. What else does it mean? It means that your soul is the starting point for problem solving. It means that you have a strong awareness of your core principles, your spiritual aims and your personal growth. Being spiritually centred means that you don't draw a line between your spirituality and the rest of your life. Instead, you live your life as a spiritual being, even when you're doing the laundry. If it sounds tiring or plain old impossible, then it's either not for you or you're simply not there yet. And that's ok. Spiritually centred people understand that there are a myriad of different opinions, experiences and choices for each and every person, and they are all valid and they are all connected. In my view, being spiritually centred means seeing further than 'right and wrong' and deeper than 'us and them'. It's about uncovering the complexity of existence and revelling in it. It's about being unafraid to be pure of heart. It's about what you choose to put at the centre of everything.

Some people are spiritually centred without knowing it. I know a guy who's like that. He does things with love and peace in mind, not power and image. He tries to see any given situation from everyone's point of view. In an argument of any kind, this guy is for consensus and resolution, not pride and stubbornness. He's not afraid to be wrong. He wants to challenge himself. He loves the feeling of being alive for everything that it is, not just for the pleasurable parts. He notices the small things. He is humbled by the giant things.

The dark joy of awe often overtakes spiritually centred people. They suddenly stop in their tracks and vibe with the enormity of the unending universe. (No, seriously.) Sure, they have moments of resentment, anger, apathy and despair - anything that's part of the human condition can be felt by a spiritually centred type. It's the way they choose to perceive it and deal with it which makes them different. 

So, how do you get spiritually centred? It's simple and it's difficult all at once. There are many different roads towards this state of being but, once you get there, you'll sure as hell know about it!

First of all, know what you stand for and accept that other people may stand for something different. Then get clear about what you want to achieve in your inner and outer life and why. Learn how to be still, how to concentrate on one thing at a time and how to tune in to your personal power and to the beating heart of the land underneath your feet. Endeavour to know yourself, even if you figure that knowing yourself is a skill which you're always perfecting. Sound abstract? It's actually so organic and natural. Once you've mastered it, you never go back. Being spiritually centred is like taking charge in the most peaceful way possible. It feels ridiculously and indescribably nurturing.

When spiritual types talk about 'finding their centre', that is what they mean. Your centre is the place you can sometimes feel estranged from, particularly in high drama situations or when your patience is being tested. When you feel paranoid, angry, exhausted, resentful or alienated, going to your centre means going to that place within you which is beyond ego, beyond petty concerns, beyond analysing every single thing someone says or does and certainly beyond the desire to act against your intuition. Being still and steadfast is the key to finding your centre. Listen to it, close your eyes and weave a way towards it. It's there and when you're there with it, you'll be able to live life from heart level. I promise.