Friday, 5 April 2013

your bliss: find it and follow it

Tarot is a tool for empowerment. It encourages and challenges you - giving you the fuel for the fire of your future. I've been using Tarot for a really long time now and it still manages to leave me stunned by the way it gets to the heart of an issue, pushing us to think in a new way and test our capabilities. When I connect with a client to decide what a reading should focus on, there are often various elements of concern which tie together but represent different aspects of an overall life. With Tarot, I allow my intuition to guide me towards the cards which hold important messages for each issue, finding solutions through suggested actions, positive support and reaching down to the root causes. Tarot is a vehicle for my compassion, my interest in people and my desire to help them take control and get moving whether that's in the inner or the outer world. 

For me, spiritual counselling offers a holistic, gentle collaboration with someone who already has the seed of change planted inside their heart but needs the water and sunlight to be able to help it grow. When a client can't see what there is to love about themselves, Tarot will hold a nurturing mirror up to their soul. When a client is faced with two opposing choices, Tarot will help them to centre themselves in their power, giving them the confidence they need to realise that their intuition is part of what makes them whole. When a difficult transition has taken place, Tarot offers messages of healing and fortification. I follow the psychosynthesis model in my readings. This means that I focus on past experiences, present behaviours and the importance of making a connection with the universe and spiritual self. Combining these three areas of focus together means that I don't centre my readings too much on the past but instead appreciate its influence and importance. It also means that I don't discredit the importance of putting practical action plans together and focusing on the transformative power of the now. Finally, it means that I never belittle or discredit a client's spiritual journey - in fact, I celebrate it and harness its positive power to help to drive the client forwards with renewed vigour and self-belief.

I don't think there's any way I could turn back now - Tarot is truly inside my heart. It reinforces my way of seeing the world and the people in it, but it also asks me to go deeper and explore what I may  not have seen or considered. I really believe that anyone who is taught how to use Tarot as a tool for great self-knowledge will drink endlessly from its nurturing well of encouragement and support. Without the reader, the cards can't do their work and without the cards, the reader can't do theirs. Plenty of people tell me that I could easily discuss the subjects I'm drawn to without using Tarot. And that's true. But for me, it would be like reading a story book with no pictures in it. Tarot fires the imagination and gives us a fresh perspective when we really need it most.

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