Monday, 10 June 2013

down and out but not forever

I usually refer to this powerful truism when I'm talking about the Five of Pentacles. I mention some of the positive aspects of this card in the second part of my 'Negative' Cards commentary. Although the Five is often depicted as a situation which entails destitution, poverty, illness or terrible luck, it's also a reminder to any deep seeker that the tough times in life offer immense opportunities for self-exploration and for working out who's really there for you when the chips are well and truly down. This card is about sticking it out and seeing in through. It's about using the little resources which are available during difficulty and turning to those who can lend a helping hand. Although there's certainly overtones of misery in this card, the light side is the chance to be grateful for the little things and take advantage of what's free in this world - a beautiful sunset, an illuminating conversation or a good library book.

When the Five of Pentacles arrives in a spread it can come with a warning element. It can be the little voice which tells you to be wise with your money or look after your health. It can remind you to use the lessons you've learned from previous difficulties and put them into action here and now to prevent further downfall. If the Five represents the past, it can often come with a celebratory tone: 'Look at what you've overcome and honour the strength you've shown in surviving!' Pat yourself on the back and give yourself some words of encouragement.

The people who are truly there for you when you're in need are the ones you'll really trust and feel able to open up to. Sometimes the Five of Pentacles reminds you to reach out to those people for advice and support. At times when you feel abandoned or neglected, this card guides you towards those who have been steadfast when things weren't going well and directs you away from fair weather friends - those who only seem to be in your life when things are pleasant and profitable.