Sunday, 9 June 2013

need some guidance?

I wanted to take some time today to let you guys know what's new over at The Four Queens shop. I have been working on some new options, designing readings to address specific issues and considering what I can do to bring guidance and inspiration to the lives of my lovely clients. My newest offering is the Smoke Meditation Reading which is quite different to anything else you can purchase from me. I have been scrying using incense smoke for years and I find that the images and symbols which come through during scrying can be incredibly nurturing and revealing during times of difficulty or transformation. I'm so excited to be offering a scrying service during which I open sacred space and ask spirit to really show me something to trigger inspiration and empowerment for the seeker.

The Craft Tarot Reading is specifically for those of the witchy persuasion and it really focuses on the energies you've got in your presence right now which could aid spell work and ritual. If you're preparing for a significant working, wondering how to increase your potential for success in the craft or in need of some guidance on how to bring about a specific result, I highly recommend this reading to you. I've always been of the belief that readings done by a witch for a witch are particularly potent and I'm always interested to see what comes up!

If you're having difficulty trusting your intuition, you might like to pick up an Intuition Boost Tarot Reading which will take a look at any issues you're having with listening to your inner voice and accepting its healing presence in your life. For communication issues and honouring your true voice, I've designed the Throat Chakra Tarot Reading to help you get in touch with what you want to say and how to use self-expression and dialogue to improve your life. Amongst other new options, the Single and Happy Tarot Reading really stands out for those who aren't currently in a relationship and might be feeling unable to take their single life by storm.

A while ago I started offering some crystal readings and I've really enjoyed the results I've achieved with them. If you need a quick, cheap way to check in with your current energy and get things moving in your life, pick up the Special Price Crystal Energy Reading for only £3.00. I work intuitively with 16 key crystals and the one which is selected for you (by a blind draw) is representative of where you are at the present moment and which energies can be tapped into.

Don't forget to click the 'custom purchase' button if you have anything in mind that you don't see in the listings. 

Much love to you all and remember, stay spiritual.