Sunday, 9 June 2013

the sweet mad energy of summer

The summer solstice is on its way. We are about to celebrate the peak of abundance and feel the joy of high summer. But both the winter and summer solstice are also celebrations of transition - dark turning into light and light going back into dark. Even as we are celebrating the height of abundance and the extremity of light, so too are we preparing for the darker months to come. These are the months during which we will internalise the experiences we've been through in the earlier months of the year and harvest them into lessons which truly feed the soul and expand the mind.

What do you want to get from your summer solstice ritual? Are you congratulating yourself for your year so far? Focusing on the ups and downs of 2013 and how to help yourself continue to get closer to your goals? Maybe you want to soak up the rays and enjoy the boundless hedonism of this fast-paced and joyous season? Perhaps you want to experience the profound nature of your mind-body connection and indulge the five senses with a blast of colour, taste, smell, sight and sound? You can choose your focus and design a ritual, whether it's spontaneous and simple or overtly elaborate, which speaks to your sense of self and homes in on what's important. It's your time to get clear and tune into your psyche.

When Summer Solstice comes along, I tend to focus on what's been achieved, what's been accumulated and how I can use those experiences of forging forward and achieving my goals to really help me grow spiritually as autumn comes into being. For me, the dead of winter is the most potent time for deep spiritual exploration, so I'm already thinking about what I've learned so far and how I've progressed on my journey in the inner and outer worlds. Summer solstice is also a time for gratitude for me. I hardly ever focus on what I want to bring into being - instead, I place focus on all the wonderful things I have, the friends I'm honoured to know and the beauty of everything around me. During this time of evident abundance, gratitude seems to be such a natural feeling. Summer solstice is an enriching festival on so many different levels.