Monday, 10 June 2013

watch the sunset while you wait

The seemingly endless wait for a train to come - a train which will take you to a desired destination. Time really slows down when you're anticipating something great. This is what I often imagine the Seven of Pentacles would feel like if it was an emotion. Having to be patient and witness the unfolding of time can be agonising, particularly when you've done so much work to reach your goal. But the wait in itself provides a valuable lesson and plenty of opportunities for reflection and preparation. Rome wasn't built in a day and all that. You're constantly learning about how to better the process and improve yourself so that when you're moment comes you're more ready than you've ever been.

If you've been putting a considerable amount of effort and energy into a project and you're yet to see tangible results, it can be discouraging and a major knock to the ego. But hang in there. The Seven reminds us of how easy it is to go off and do something else, something which perhaps from the outside looks more promising or as though it might give you a quicker route to success. Consider how much you've put into this current project - do you really want to give it all up? It's a bigger decision than you think. Many of the best things you can achieve in life are a long time coming! You really have to focus on your core priorities at this time and use your waiting period to concentrate on any finishing off or rounding up which may need to be done. Tie up your loose ends and keep giving yourself encouragement.  

Remain steadfast and practice patience with grace. 

This card sometimes asks you to figure out how much emotional weight you're putting behind one specific outcome. Is it a healthy amount? Or is it becoming slowly toxic? Get things into perspective and make sure you're not burning up unnecessary energy by consuming yourself obsessively with visualised outcomes. If you've done everything you can do - leave it to harvest while you focus on something which may have been neglected or ignored lately. Keep life as well rounded as possible. Where is your energy deserved? Where is it needed? Are you too fixated on one thing to the detriment of other important stuff? Having long-term vision is great - plenty of people don't have it and wish they did! But don't let it spoil your appreciation of a great sunset. Look around once in a while.