Wednesday, 3 July 2013

from me to you, beautiful creature

You deserve to live a life which is filled with passion, meaning and abundance. 

When you open up to your personal power and really let it do nurturing work in your life, these things seem more possible than they ever did before. Growing up, I dealt with a myriad of mental and emotional issues. Part of the reason that I chose to become a qualified Spiritual Counsellor is precisely because I lived through those difficulties and I wanted to work out how to help others with what I've experienced in an ethical and responsible way which promotes free will and empowerment. Every day I learn more about my own needs and the needs of others. I learn how to get in touch with my signature strengths and embrace what my life has to teach me. I am more proactive, emotionally intelligent and spiritually centred than I ever have been and I congratulate all of you who are walking a similar path - a path of curiosity, openness, humility, self-discovery, self-love and love for your fellow human beings.

Lately, I've been going through a big shift and I feel guided to reach out to others who may be struggling with their own shifts and perhaps knowing that they need to make changes but, understandably, are fearful of taking action. The first thing to state is that your intuition plays a big role when shifts come into play. Your inner voice is something which can be ignored, downplayed or denied but it never really goes away and a shift is likely to come when you decide to stop fighting your intuitive feelings and really start to listen to them. As you listen, you become aware of what must be done and your thoughts and plans start to solidify. Show sensitivity to other people in your life who might be scared of the changes you're going through, but never feel that you have to remain stagnant in order to appease those people. Regret finds its way into our lives when we pull away from our intuition so as not to hurt others - really, we only end up hurting ourselves when we do this. If there are changes you need to make, don't apologise for it. If your inner voice is taking over, give it the time and space it needs to really communicate with you. Taking time out of your social circle or away from your usual activities is nothing to feel guilty about. Time and space will be granted by the people who genuinely care about you.

When it comes to negative experiences, perception is everything. You are the interpreter of your consciousness. You put the marks on it, you choose the symbols to attach to it and you choose how it affects you. When I look back over my life, I can clearly see the time periods during which I put a negative spin onto everything. I relished long bouts of victimhood and convinced myself that there was nothing I could do to take charge of my life. It was much easier to hate than it was to love. It was much easier to stay lost than to really find myself, take responsibility for myself and push forward into a future with more options and more opportunities. The truth is that negativity is often a comfortable shroud in which we can cloak ourselves and convince ourselves that we are powerless and that bad things just keep happening to us. It is much more challenging to free yourself from those bonds than it is to stay chained to them. When you look back on the difficult experiences you've had, the disappointments you've suffered and the cruelty you've endured, how can you interpret those memories? How can you use them for fuel? How can you make sure that they get you to where you want to go?

You do not have to feel lonely when you're alone. You're in your own company. Relish this. Learn from it. Enjoy your own thoughts. Spend time with yourself - support yourself, encourage yourself, congratulate yourself. It is a blessing to have a strong support system but looking outwards for your guidance all the time risks making you feel hollow or incapable at those key moments when you need to be able to get yourself through a long, dark night. You are your friend. Don't ever forget that.

As a Pagan I always notice how the changes in the seasons, the sky and our environment reflect the changes which take place in our lives. This is why we say, 'As above, so below', 'As within, so without'. We recognise the synchronicity offered to us by nature - and nature encompasses everything which is the case. As you experience unpredictable changes, unwanted changes and changes which make you feel vulnerable, look up at the moon and notice its incredible phases. Look at the seasons, the dying off and the slowly flourishing.. Look at the life of a tree. Your life is no different. You are a part of it all and your changes reflect the changes which are only natural in the cycles of any living thing. Change will come, whether you want it to or not. You have the free will to make choices which strengthen and empower you as these changes come into being. You get to choose how to interpret these changes. You can let them hurt you or scare you. You can let them embroil you in resentment. Or you can let them fortify you, feed into your ever expanding wisdom and inspire you to grow.

You are beautiful. Your experiences matter. Your life is significant. 
The unfolding moment is for the taking. It always has been and it always will be.