Wednesday, 3 July 2013

move upwards, move outwards

When life begins to move fast, you can sometimes forget where you were going and what you wanted in the beginning. Different opportunities and challenges flood your existence with responsibilities, choices and plans. You may worry about making the right decision, imagine that you'll regret the roads you don't take or feel unable to chart your course across the crazy sea of life. The Eight of Wands is a symbol of potential. When faced with a variety of directions, you can feel overwhelmed and disorientated. It's time to sit down and write about what you really want. How can you follow your bliss to the best of your ability? What really matters at this point and how do you want to feel?

There is a great deal of movement in this card. It's about the importance of doing something rather than deliberating for too long whilst doing nothing at all. But it's also about recognising what your true desires are and taking actions which truly reflect those desires. Don't allow yourself to be pushed down a road which won't ultimately contribute to where you're trying to go. So, where are you trying to go? Get clear. Focus on what's beneath the surface. Look back over the choices you've made, the concepts and ideals you've held true to and the ones you've released and removed. Remember, when you've weighed up all the pros and cons and you're still no closer to deciding what you want to do, your passion will close the deal for you. What are you truly passionate about? What moves you time and time again? What makes you appreciate the blood that moves through your veins? What are the things that make you feel truly grateful to be alive?

Sometimes, the Eight of Wands shows up when we feel bombarded with different obligations and duties. You may be so concerned with getting things done and maintaining the status quo that you've failed to realise that the status quo itself has become untenable - you want something else.  Make your choices from heart level. Don't look outside of you for the answers. Don't worry about what other people think or what society expects. There are some moves in life which make all the difference. Make sure you're in touch with your own heart.