Sunday, 28 July 2013

something gigantic

I no longer feel small when I consider my place in the universe. Thinking about the enormity of the cosmos used to make me feel insignificant. Lonely, even. Now I stretch my arms out into it, inhaling like a vacuum in nature being filled to the top. My place in the scheme of things is worth celebrating. My journey is important.

The dark joy of awe is one of my favourite feelings. It's definitely in my top three. The Japanese use the word 'yugen' (yoo-ghen). That's when an awareness of the universe triggers such a powerful emotion that words fail to describe it. In transpersonal therapy the belief in the healing power of awe is paramount. When I work on readings for my clients or connect with them for counselling sessions, I work with psychosynthesis in mind. This means that as well as placing focus on their current situation, past experiences and future plans, I am also looking to find out if they feel plugged into the universe. I'm interesting in knowing when they last experienced awe, interconnectedness, a feeling of belonging to the world. I want to know if they've been able to collapse the box of the ego and launch straight into the infinite. I want to know if they believe that they're more than their bodies, their problems, their neighbourhoods.

Awe has the power to set the spirit free. Instead of seeing the great big wide everything as an excuse to reduce our own value to zero, we should instead place ourselves into it like a missing puzzle piece. 'I am a part of everything and everything is a part of me.'

Do you feel plugged in? 
Are you connected to something gigantic, nurturing, jaw-dropping?
Can you open up your heart to the passing clouds?