Tuesday, 13 August 2013

10 tips to generate positive energy

Looking to take your vibrational frequency to the next level? Positive energy permits positive change. If you're low on positive energy, here are some ten tips to get it flowing around you.

1. Declutter your life. Take a look around your living space and pay attention to the objects you no longer use, the space which is being needlessly swallowed by unnecessary belongs and the things you're keeping which no longer hold a positive association for you. You'd be amazed at how much focus this stuff sucks away from what you're really trying to achieve. Get proactive. Make a plan. Reclaim your space!

2. Start your day with some quiet meditation. Even if you're not big on it, just ten minutes a day of quiet and stillness can create an incredible ripple effect which sends clarity and positivity to the most hectic parts of your life.

3. Let go of resentment. See the oneness in everything and everyone. Recognise that the anger you're holding onto is hurting you far more than it's hurting anyone else. Do you really deserve that? Start working on release. Write down the negative emotions which are taking up space and as you write, recognise how liberating it is to get things out of your heart space and down onto paper.

4. Go looking for inspiration. Sometimes you need to look back at what was really flicking your switch a few years ago. We often forget the incredibly inspirational things we discovered in the past and, when we return to those things, we are given a new lease of life.

5. Let go of the life you were 'meant' to have. Not everything went according to plan. Five years ago you might have imagined you'd be somewhere completely different and now find that your life didn't turn out as expected. That's ok. You were never meant to go down that path! Release the emotional bondage of 'what if?' and give your full attention to 'what now?'

6. Embrace the mind-body connection. You are of the earth. Your are inhabiting a physical existence in a physical vessel. Experience bodily sensation. Check in with your organs. Focus on your biorhythms. Give your body what it needs and tune into your physical responses. Work with your body, not against it.

7. Reach out to someone. You have so much to give, to teach, to show to others. Do it. Offering the benefit of your wisdom with nothing but compassion and sincerity in your heart is a sure way towards positive energy.

8. Dance. Put on some of your favourite songs and throw some shapes.

9. Make time to watch the sunset. Do it once this week at least. Write about the thoughts and feelings you experienced.

10. Recommend something to a friend. A recipe. A good book. A Youtube channel. What's helpful to you could be helpful to others and it can start an interesting dialogue.