Friday, 2 August 2013

be present and keep going!

Where are you going through the motions? Where do you feel like you're stuck in a cycle which no longer flicks your switch? Where do you feel obligated? Where do you feel lacking? What are you tolerating? It might seem as though there's nothing you can do to change things and believe me, I've been there! But when it comes to shaping and creating in your life, small steps contribute to big progress.

I was thinking earlier today about a pattern I've identified all over the place: the more you focus on the small positive changes you want to make, the more the potential for even bigger changes becomes a reality. Whether you're running on very little self-belief or you're simply over extending yourself and giving too much to others, ask yourself to do one small thing to make things better today. That one small thing becomes a demonstration of your strength and ability and potential. You start to play a bigger game, take a risk, speak your mind, get (unapologetically) clear about your needs..

In my latest video I cover a lot of ground and, as usual, it's all from heart level. I think that one of the most relevant topics I cover in this one is the concept of conditional growth. Think about it. Have you committed to your growth, provided that you don't really have to change anything? Then you're playing it safe and you're undoubtedly stuck. True evolution is only on the cards if you're willing to access all areas and be honest with yourself about the situations which really require your attention. There may be goodbyes that you need to say. There may be some serious release work to be done.

Of course you're scared! That's part of the fuel you need to stay grounded - it's a gift to you. Ride it like a horse.

Here are some more thoughts from my brainbox.

Congratulate and celebrate others. When you find yourself criticising, flip the switch and muster up the courage to momentarily forget about your own ambition and bestow a compliment on someone who really deserves it. Competition and insecurity are the downside of tenacity and determination, but you don't need to let them rent space in your heart. Send them packing and instead openly celebrate other people's talents. That stuff comes from your pure place. The moment you advocate someone else -even if they've just bagged the very thing you wanted most in the world- you'll find it easier to advocate yourself.

Be present. Goals goals goals - we have a very human connection to the art of planning and striving. But be in your body, be a part of your day, take your eye off the prize for long enough to watch the sunset.

Don't keep asking yourself if there's really room at the top. You won't know until you get there! Keep going. Your worries about the future could be magically transformed into an ideas factory for creative endeavours in the here and now.

Every single person has a lesson for you and a story to tell. If you feel stuck, open your ears. Something might slip through them and hit the brain like multicoloured paint!

The first step is the hardest and all the advice and support in the world may not convince you to take it! In the end, even if you've had the best possible support and guidance, the first step is just you putting one foot in front of the other. Think of an agoraphobic who's been unable to leave their house for ten long years. Even if they've received counselling every day - the first step out into the big wide world is still ultimately their responsibility. That's why life is tough - because no one can do it for you!

Give yourself words of love.