Tuesday, 6 August 2013

personal truth: some loving words

Anger is authentic - I truly believe that. It's part of a process. But the way you may find yourself treating others and expressing yourself whilst angry tends to stray from your authentic self. There's a lack of inner balance there which provides fertile ground for seeds of thoughtlessness and carelessness to grow. This is why, in my latest video, I talk about the importance of stepping back when you're angry and giving yourself the necessary time you need to process your emotions and get clear on the way forward. You avoid hurting a lot of people this way. You also avoid hurting yourself.

A few other things I wanted to mention.

Intention is everything when you're speaking a difficult truth. If you know in your heart that you're not saying it to hurt anyone but to aid evolution and understanding on all sides, you gotta go with the gut. How many times have you heard this advice in your life? Yet it continues to be relevant!

Remember, there is no way to completely avoid hurting anyone. Sometimes your truth will clash with someone else's or inconvenience them. But sometimes it's the only thing which will set you free.