Tuesday, 13 August 2013

what is energetic shadow mapping?

There's a new offering over at The Four Queens Etsy shop. Energetic Shadow Mapping is a technique which I've been working on for quite a while. It involves vision questing as well as the use of scrying, Tarot and crystals to establish an intuitive map of your shadow side and help you to navigate and heal it. This process can be extremely profound and I don't recommend purchasing a shadow map without first entering into a discussion with me about your needs and concerns so that I can get a handle on your suitability. Although it is more expensive than my average purchase option, it is an in-depth reading of at least 5000 words in length which also includes photographs of the map itself as well as the layout used to enter into the vision quest during which I receive and decipher intuitive insights from Spirit.

I've been working on several new techniques of my own design to help me to get a deeper understanding of different aspects of a client's psyche, but this one which is geared towards Shadow Work is so far the most complete and intense.

Are you intending to embark on some serious Shadow Work this year? Unsure of where to start? Think you could benefit from an Energetic Shadow Map? Message me over on Etsy to discuss your requirements.