Wednesday, 11 September 2013

5 good reasons to try tarot tuition

There are hundreds of great Tarot resources out there - books, blogs, forums. I recommend quite a few of them in the final instalment of my Trainee Tarot course. So, why book lessons or seek out a Tarot mentor? I'll be honest - I offer training because it's something I love doing. Tarot has been one of my hardcore passions for over a decade and after posting many free learning resources online it occurred to me that I'd love to be more actively involved with people's individual Tarot journeys and create resources which cater to their specific needs. One great thing about having a teacher is that you get to correspond with someone who's as nuts about Tarot as you are! (Seriously, I even have two Tarot-related e-books in the works.) So, here are five good reasons to invest in a Tarot teacher and open yourself up to a whole new level of learning.

1. Accountability: Yup, that old chestnut. You have a whole host of good intentions and no inclination to light a fire underneath them! You may plan to do a daily draw and three hours of book study a week but soon find that this ambitious routine falls by the wayside, especially if you've got no one to cheer you on. Booking a lesson is a demonstration of self-discipline. It's a way of saying, 'I commit'. Once you've done this you'll often find that it's the key to unlocking your sense of motivation and afterwards, self-study is no longer a problem. Some people just need a kick-start!

2. The road is lonely: Tarot books are incredibly helpful but they don't engage in light-hearted conversations with you and they're hardly a comfort when you're struggling. Friendly encouragement from a fellow enthusiast who's been there, done it and got the t-shirt (and the badge and the dinner set) can really brighten up the more difficult areas of self-study.

3. Book study gets tricky: There are so many different techniques, spreads, interpretations and theories! You may find that the tone of the book you're using doesn't gel with you or perhaps there are no books out there which seem to be appropriate for your particular deck. Some people are actually more visual learners or don't enjoy reading reams of information. Book study just isn't right for everyone and some people can't work out where the heck to start!

4. Sometimes you're just lost: At times, it can be difficult to know what kind of stage you're at with your Tarot progression. You may be in over your head, you may not feel challenged enough or you may not know which area to study next. A tailored lesson or course of mentoring ensures that you're getting one-on-one attention and that your specific issues are being listened to. This is something that a book can never give you.

5. You can run the show: Mentoring works according to your agenda. You get to decide what to focus on and the lesson plans are built around your needs and interests. Having a personal tutor ensures that you're sculpting your own Tarot progression so that it goes where you want it to go. You ask the questions and receive the answers - simple!

So, should you book a lesson with little old me? Every Tarot teacher has their own specific niche. Mine is Tarot for personal development. As a Spiritual Counsellor, this is my 'thing' and I'm good at it. I cover everything from card interpretations and spread ideas to strengthening intuition and reading for paying clients, but it's always covered with my own unique flavour. Other teachers have their own styles and interests and any course or lesson you book should offer some transparent description of what can be covered and at what level.

If you're familiar with my Tarot reading style and ethics and you'd like to work with me one-on one, feel free to check out the purchase options over on the Courses and Lessons section of my humble little Etsy shop. Whether you book a one-off lesson or a full two weeks of tuition, you will receive a document upon completion which charts your progress and offers advice and techniques for long-term progression. Having a personal tutor shouldn't break the bank, especially not when the work you're doing is so beneficial and important. My Tiny Tarot Mentoring Session is only £10.00, so you can enjoy some enriching one-on-one guidance for the price of two large premium coffees!