Sunday, 1 September 2013

meditate and light candles

Believing that your energetic output makes a difference in this world can be incredibly difficult sometimes. A few nights ago I saw some footage of Syrian children covered in some kind of burning chemical, receiving emergency treatment after a bomb was dropped on their school. It's not unheard of for me to cry whilst watching the news, but whilst watching that footage I cried bitterly and desperately with my head in my hands. I wept. I felt completely helpless, powerless, incapable.. It was a truly awful feeling which lay somewhere between intense fear and utter resignation. I felt a similar kind of thing when watching footage of the dolphin slaughter in Denmark and Japan. I'm a reasonably well-informed person and although I never plan to discuss politics on my Youtube channel or blog about it regularly, what I'm getting at here is that watching updates on Syria (or any current situation which is causing suffering) can leave spiritually centred people feeling perplexed and in a state of heartache.

I have always been completely aware that money, despite the corruption and inequality, can be used as a force for good. Since the monetary system is the one we're stuck with at the moment, we should try to use it to the advantage of those who need it wherever possible. Today I donated some of the money I've made from the readings I've sold to Hand in Hand for Syria. Thinking about the fact that this is all I can realistically do at this point in my life to get involved with some of the things I'm passionate about is difficult, and yet I'm coming to a point in my life where I feel that it's also a great thing to lend some of my positive healing energy to these causes. In the past, even though I've always been a spiritual adult, I felt silly about lighting a candle for those to whom I wish healing, abundance and peace. I was really interested in people who sit meditation for different causes, such as sitting for peace, and yet I didn't see myself as being one of those people. (I love Allen Ginsberg's poem, 'Why I Meditate'.) Now, I do.

Feeling helpless is a major blockage for so many people. That helplessness convinces you that your thoughts and the power of your vibrational frequency and your empathy and the potency of where you place your focus is meaningless in the face of the kind of tragedies we see on the television screens. It doesn't seem like we can do anything, but every drop of love is valid. Every drop of love is real and unending.

The more I play an active role in the emotional healing of my clients and those around me, the more I also concern myself with the healing energy I project out into the world. I hope this can be true for you too. Yes, you're just one person. But you pack a powerful spiritual punch.