Tuesday, 1 October 2013

the keys to the castle of your psyche

Here's a love note from me to you:

Commit to your unconditional growth.

When we first get serious about positive transition, we're in danger of attaching all kinds of caveats to our commitment.

'I'm committed to my growth, but not if it means having to change my career path.' 

'I'm committed to positive change, but I'm not prepared to analyse and improve my relationships.' 

'I'll always be money-minded and that's not up for review.' 

When your growth is conditional, you're playing the small game and you're allowing fear to dictate the terms. I'm not one to constantly bad-mouth fear. In some sense, it does have its place (although I think the debate is really a semantic one). But when you're looking to break free of a chrysalis and live life on a whole new level, fear is asking to be defeated and that means you need to get clear about the fact that you could make some game-changing discoveries about yourself. Once you begin with full commitment, the realisations can be vast, epic and terrifying.

You may need to release a perspective you've held onto for years. You may realise that the work you've given yourself to so diligently is no longer relevant. You may discover that the life you've always wanted is just an empty snapshot of what your parents told you to want and that, when you strip back the layers, what you really want to do is spend four hours a day in prayer or join the circus. The beginning of transition is in the bravery you must bring to the table - the bravery to say, 'I'm committed to change no matter what I may discover or lose.'

Lately, I'm learning big things about the concept of abundance as perspective. When we feel abundant, we feel free. When we are convinced that there is always more and that we are connected to that source of more, we are more giving, more in alignment with our soul voice, more empowered to help ourselves and others. I have worked out that when I am utterly convinced of my own abundance, I am better at committing unconditionally. Yes, I might lose my way of seeing myself. I might lose the defences I've had in place for years. I might lose the image I've tried to defend. But because I am abundant, I know that what is lost will be replaced with unbelievable gain. I will gain more than I ever believed possible.

The reason I am so invested into personal growth as an idea is because I've experienced it in action. So, as I've become more convinced that part of my purpose is to write about it, live it and use it to connect with others, I've had to get clear about my own journey and what rings true for me. And I guess one of the biggest things I've learned first-hand is that your journey of personal growth must be 'access all areas'. If there is any resistance to change, anything you're jealously hanging onto, anything your ego is protecting, any skeletons you want to keep locked in the closet - those dark places are the starting point. Make them available. Commit to casting light onto even the things you're adamant that you don't want to change. The keys to the castle of your psyche could lie in the deconstruction of something you hold sacred.

This is a huge leap of faith. Believe me, it's worth it.