Saturday, 4 January 2014

hello January

Following the cycles of nature as part of my spiritual journey means that my 'fresh start' feelings tend to come in accordance with changes to the weather, the foliage and the themes of the four old cornerstone festivals, the equinoxes and the solstices. For instance, Samhain is a huge 'jumping off point' for me. As witches' New Year, it is a time to cement my spiritual aims and release any weight which holds me down as I prepare to launch. It's one of the most potent times for intangible discovery to take place. Ostara seems to call me to action. It's a time of accountability in the outer world. I begin to blink the snow from my eyelashes, feel the sun on my back and step forward into the outer world to make and do. Summer Solstice is the open door to joy, dancing and tightening the ties that truly bind. A time to be with friends and sip a cup of mead, that little point of Summer is food for my inner child and I swallow it whole. So what does the conventional beginning of the New Year symbolise for me as a witch?

I see it as a time for planners, calendars and thinking seriously about tangible goals. I like to begin new studies, plan my finances and consider the value of time management for the months ahead. I look at where I've been experiencing emotional resistance to just getting on with things and I try to instigate systems which will help me to stop digging my heels in. When it comes to resolutions, I'm looking for desired feelings rather than very specific aims. I might begin something and then give myself permission to alter it further down the line if it honestly doesn't flick my switch. I allow myself that room to change my shape unapologetically whilst at the same time adopting a proactive perspective. I think I thrive on the vibrational frequencies of those around me and, for the most part, everyone in my life celebrates the arrival of January as a time to say, 'Out with the old, in with the new!'

2013 was somewhat of a mixed bag. The unexpected twists and turns offered valuable lessons. The frustrations and times of standstill were painful but wholly necessary. I feel that they afforded me a chance to honour my strengths and remind myself of just how much my thoughts and responses are a choice. They are not entirely out of my hands. A few things turned out to be game-changers. Firstly, I changed my name. This was a symbolic act and it meant a lot to me. It was a joyful day. Secondly, I received my diploma in Spiritual Counselling. This was a confirmation of the direction I'd been heading in for a long time with my Tarot practice and it felt like a beginning rather than a conclusion. Thirdly, I took control of my physical limitations after experiencing some of the most intense pain since the day of the accident ten years ago. It was sobering to accept that the world of traditional medicine is essentially so restricted in its ability to help in any profound way. I was always raised to believe that if you're in pain, you go to a doctor. At almost thirty years of age, realising that this isn't necessarily the case is like stepping into completely new territory. I have so much more to learn in the coming months!

On the first day of the New Year, I woke up to discover that I'd won the Community Vote Tarosophists Award from Tarot Association. I had no idea I was even on the Tarot community radar, let alone in the running for some kind of recognition. It had a much more profound affect on me than one would imagine because it made me feel so excited about the future and eager to continue teaching what I know and learning more. When I first began writing this blog and then making videos, my belief was that if even one person was helped by my efforts, I'd have succeeded in my goal. I still feel the same way, but now it's as if I've been given a chance to stand back and appreciate the body of work I've slowly created, enjoying the knowledge that more than one person has deepened their studies alongside me. I wanted to explain apparently complex concepts in simple, accessible ways. I'm so pleased that I managed it! The award is an extra dose of encouragement to make 2014 into another enthusiastic leg of the Tarot journey. I hope that you'll all join me.

The most meaningful thing about the award is that I have been recognised for services in 'restoring the spiritual dignity of Tarot'. Those words really knocked on my heart. Tarot's spiritual dignity deserves to be restored and to have a hand in that is more than enough to keep me smiling! I am truly privileged to be permitted to help people on their unique journeys through interpreting Tarot's messages into relevant, pragmatic and chakra-spinning spiritual guidance for fearless personal evolution.

Much love.