Friday, 14 February 2014

an open valentine's letter to you

This blog post is a sincere and authentic thank you. Thank you to every single one of you who followed me through my ten-part Trainee Tarot Course, recommended it to your friends and made an effort to connect with me to let me know that it was useful to you. Thank you to those who voted for me in the 2013 Tarot Association awards. Winning meant so much to me - I could barely put it into words. Thank you to my fellow Tarot nerds, self-development geeks and passionate spiritual seekers for welcoming me, engaging in dialogue with me, supporting me and challenging me to expand my point of view. I have truly found my tribe and it is a constant gift which I am increasingly grateful for. Thank you to those who read my blog and who get involved on my Facebook page. Learning about your life experiences and supporting you through your challenges with my advice and guidance is a meaningful part of my life. Thank you to my Youtube subscribers and to those who make video content and have engaged with me by making responses and debating interesting topics with me. I have had people tell me that I have inspired them to pick up their Tarot deck after years of stagnation. This has honestly brought a tear to my eye because I truly believe that Tarot is an incredible tool for life, love and self-exploration; to know that I have been an instrumental part of someone's journey with the cards is such a privilege and it's been lovely to see people getting really enthusiastic and moving forward in their journeys. Thank YOU for reading these words right now.

My clients are a big part of my world. If you have ever purchased a reading from me, this part of the post is for you. You inspire me endlessly. Your courage and your sincere desire to move into self-actualisation has propelled me into a whole new sphere of awareness. Your custom translates to your belief in me as a Spiritual Counsellor. It shows that you have faith in my abilities and that you trust me to be your ally and advocate as you shape your life according to your core principles. Whether you've purchased from me once or you've been returning to me since 2011, your support and your willingness to allow me to be a part of your journey is a potent force in my life. You have taught me to feel secure in my abilities and to expand my knowledge of different modalities and concepts so that I can make my resources as helpful as possible for your long-term development. I am constantly reading about the human mind, about transpersonal therapy, about Tarot and about the best ways to support and inspire people and I do this for you. The more tools I have at my disposal, the more I can put together a nurturing and motivational reading which is tailor-made to your specific needs. Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback which enables other people to understand what I do and how it could potentially change their lives.

I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has opened up to me so that I can help them to evolve and thrive. Many of my clients have been through child abuse, neglect, heartbreak, betrayal or rejection. Some have dealt with life-changing spiritual crises, moved to the other side of the world to start new lives, risked it all to start their own businesses, dealt with life-shattering bereavements.. I have worked with clients who are full-time carers to incredibly sick relatives or partners. Their bravery and their willingness to address their own needs is utterly inspiring. I have worked with clients who are struggling to accept their sexuality, clients with mental health issues, clients who are trying to harness the courage to change the negative cycles, addictions and phobias they've been living with for years.. In one way or another, every one of my clients is searching for the power to launch, to make life bigger and better, to let go, to release in order to receive.. You have all made my heart bigger and more capable of offering what is needed. Every single order I've received has strengthened my ability to help in the most sincere and powerful way possible. I have learned so much from those who seek to learn from me - it's funny how that happens!

I would also like to give a special thank you to those of you who have supported me when I have reassessed my prices or, as fellow business owners, actively encouraged me to do so. Two years ago when I first raised my prices, a regular client emailed me to tell me that she was delighted that I was on the path towards charging what my work was truly worth. That meant so much to me because we still have a long way to go when it comes to money and spiritually-centred businesses coexisting peacefully. The truth is that my work is my passion, it is my heart and it is my calling. Each reading is offered all of my focus, my love and my attention. I keep case notes for regular clients, I check in with clients, I offer heavily discounted 'follow-up' readings to clients when I feel that they may need extra support and I think carefully and professionally about the angle and theme each reading should take in order to facilitate the client's needs and plans. In order to move forward and help more people, I need to combine shrewd business thinking and honest assessment of my efforts with compassion and the desire to give back. As it became increasingly difficult to keep regular office hours on top of the face-to-face and online spiritual counselling work, I needed to be realistic about the worth of my work as well as fair to those who may need my help on a tight budget. I fully appreciate the support and understanding of everyone who's helping me to slowly strike that balance and I can guarantee you that, even if you can't ever afford a reading from me, I will always be there for you through my video content, blog posts and Facebook presence. I like to give what I have inside. I spent too long self-harming, starving myself and loathing myself to keep my acquired wisdom from those who can't afford it. Tailor-made one-on-one help from me will always be worth every penny that you pay for it and I can honestly say that now, without shame or apology. But I will always exude love and live in the spirit of giving, no matter who you are and how likely it is that you will buy a reading. I mean that with sincerity.

Happy Valentine's Day, angel faces.