Thursday, 3 April 2014

Tarot Spotlight: Louise Androlia

Tarot Spotlight is a new feature here on The Four Queens blog. It aims to give us all the opportunity to meet and mingle with the wonderful people who are making Tarot magic happen. I'm delighted to kick things off with one of my favourite online Tarot High Priestesses, Louise Androlia. She is also a coach and motivational speaker with a hugely inspiring message which helps people to find their empowerment and live fulfilling lives.

I absolutely love the creative way in which you approach your online presence. Your branding, design aesthetic and writing is super sumptuous. How do you approach the creative aspect of your business and what do you enjoy most about the online experience? 

Louise: Thank you! Previous to working as a therapist I ran my own handmade lingerie brand (Loulou Loves You) online for 5 years and during that time I had a lot of practice with how I sold myself to the world, so I guess I’ve been at it for a while. My first love has always been being creative so it makes sense for me to try and make things look nice – but also it’s fun and a way to keep evolving.

The best thing that the online experience has given me is the ability to connect to people all around the world. While there are many negatives from time spent staring at our phones, some of my best friends are people I met via the internet and for that I am forever grateful. I also see over half of my clients over Skype and I love to be able to work in a number of time zones!

Which Tarot card best describes your approach to Tarot and why?

Louise: Good question, I could certainly bring a few cards into play but the first that popped in is the Two of Wands. The thing I love so much about this card is that it reminds me that the world is what we make it and, in every given moment we have the option to choose to perceive our situation as we like. I believe we are always learning and on the brink of learning something new, our job is to always validate what we are feeling and trust that our journey is unique and of purpose. I feel this works well with my approach, which is allowing Tarot to expand your viewpoint of the present moment.

There has been a big shift in people's approach to Tarot in recent years. More people are seeing it as a viable tool for life coaching, counselling and personal development. What is your favourite thing about this current attitude towards Tarot and how do you envision the future of this amazing tool? 

Louise: I truly believe that this is the most productive and inspiring way to approach Tarot and divination in this modern day. While I fully believe you can see the future, and I can work psychically too, it is completely fluid up until the moment it happens and if we project ourselves out of the present moment we become very static. Often people want to know the future and then they then just sit and wait for things to happen. Nothing will happen if we don’t start working hand in hand with destiny and understand that we are the co-creators of our lives. I avoid offering fortune-telling services because I want to guide my clients to create their own futures! I find that people often get a high off having the future told but then it fades out and they are left wondering why the things didn’t happen. Isn’t it way more futuristic to put the magic wand into our own hands and see what we draw up?

Of course Tarot has been used as a form of divination but when you look at it as a whole it teaches us about the human experience and what we might encounter on the way through – so really is the perfect guiding tool. I love modern day mystical adventuring and can really see more and more people using Tarot as their own form of self empowerment and help.

You also offer workshops and coaching consultations which is so awesome! How would you describe your services and how do you want clients to feel after working with you?

Louise: I work with clients via coaching and Tarot and my goal is to provide a safe and inspiring place to help them validate their experience and know that it’s ok to not always feel ok and that every feeling and moment in their life is of purpose. I help clients identify the fears that are restricting their flow and how to learn to return to a more love guided state of thinking. I don’t believe in being anyone’s guru, instead I hope to help guide my clients to get to know, love and trust their mind-body and spirit so that they feel confident in making their own choices and following their passions. I hope for everyone to get more comfortable within reclaiming personal power and not being afraid of their own thoughts.

I find as a therapist I attract those who need me and often my clients mirror challenges I have experienced in the past so I am able to share how I overcome difficult periods and provide empathy for their experience. The lessons I teach are formed from what I have learned from my own life so far due to overcoming health and mental traumas, combined with what I pull down from spirit. I work and teach in a very practical way. I want to make sure that all my clients can apply tools I teach them to their every day lives – it’s important to me that we participate in this world that we live in.

I have started running workshops on Energy Awareness which is one of the foundations of my coaching lessons and helps those understand how to better connect to the present moment – which I feel is the basic stepping stone to changing your life for the better!

Do you have any plans to expand with your business in the future? What can we expect from you for the rest of this year and beyond?

Louise: Yes yes yes! I am a woman with octopus hands and like to keep stretching. I’m working on creating a syllabus to teach my own Tarot method and starting working one on one with clients this month. I hope that I will expand this to en e-course at some point.

I also have some books up my sleeve and currently working on secret collaboration with a dear friend, returning to something a little more fashion-based, with some magic thrown in of course. I have a feeling that this year is going to keep being very busy and with a lot of change, so I’m doing my best to stay holding on to the reins and saying yes to my adventure!

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Thanks so much to Louise for being the first Tarot goddess to take part in Tarot Spotlight. 

Keep shufflin', cupcakes!