Tuesday, 8 April 2014

the four queens revisted

I've been thinking for a while now about what exactly the four queens in Tarot mean to me and how I choose to embody them. These thoughts have come mainly as the result of realising that my vision for The Four Queens is changing. Although Tarot will always be a very potent and persistent passion of mine, I have chosen to 'branch out' in my teachings and musings. I have come to realise that my journey as a spiritual counsellor has led me into deeper and richer waters than I ever intended. It's time to talk about the wild spirit of the inner child in relation to art and creation. It's time to teach magick - how to practice it, how to live it, how to become it. It's time to dance with you all on your unique and glittering spiritual paths in every way possible. 

The Four Queens is the title of what has become a huge project and great love. It began as a humble little blog about Tarot back in 2011 and it branched out onto Youtube, Facebook, Etsy and into a whole host of creative endeavours in my personal and professional life. I have grown to love the name very much and the fact that it is associated with Tarot -the perfect illustration of the whole of experience- is still dear to my heart. But I'm going to be shaking things up in my online content and rambling about a whole host of new subjects and passions. To celebrate this unexpected but welcome evolution, I've made a little change to my banner image. I hope you all approve. 

I chose to concentrate on finding one key word which embodied each of my belov├ęd Tarot queens just as much as it embodies me. I chose to find the link between each of their energies and my own personal journey. I chose 'creatrix' for the Queen of Pentacles because she makes real the intangible and she acknowledges the work which is involved in such a mission. I have been a creatrix all my life and yet it's only the last few years that I've recognised the incredible labour in that, and the way it changes your heart inexplicably when you put your insides on the outside through the process of raw expression. 'Healer' is for the Queen of Cups because the deep waters of the psyche are safe in her compassionate and empathetic embrace. My role as a counsellor of the spiritual persuasion requires me to call on her energies every single day, holding space and being in service, receptive to the needs of the individual. 'Enchantress' for the Queen of Wands is a little tongue in cheek - the symbol of the wand as the conductor of powerful energies directly from the heart of the witch has always been meaningful and profound for me as a witch myself. My own magickal journey and love for ritual and its results will become increasingly evident to you. 'Mystic' for the Queen of Swords because I am ever learning, ever expanding my consciousness and ever of the belief that the mysteries are ours to discover. As the queen of intellect, comprehension and insight, she is the one who speaks to me as clearly now as she did when I first discovered her all those years ago. 

So, here are the definitions for each word (more for my enjoyment than your own interest, I suppose).. 

Creatrix: A female creator
Healer: Therapist - a person skilled in a particular type of therapy
Enchantress: A woman who uses magick to put something or someone under a spell
Mystic: A person who seeks by contemplation or self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond intellect. 

Much love, fellow travellers.