Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Self-Love September: The Beauty of Personal Power

I love talking about personal power. I think it is integral to the plot of self-love. The subjects overlap to an undeniably large extent. When we own our power in a healthy and beneficial way, we are committing an act of self-love.

Does 'personal power' sound like Greek to you?

Check out this video I made last year which serves to explain the term in a down-to-earth way.

I challenge you to take some notes while you watch or do some journalling afterwards about your own connection to your personal power. Whereabouts do you need to stand in your power a little more? What are the triggers in your inner and outer life which tend to cause you to surrender your personal power? What is your action plan for ultimate personal power in each area of your life?

This is a deep assignment. Don't rush it. Go with it and let the insights flow.

So much love!