Thursday, 4 September 2014

Self-Love September: Twenty Deep Journal Prompts

I have taken the liberty of designing twenty juicy journal prompts to help you discover more about your journey towards self-love. 

Some of them ask you to tune into the positive stuff in your life and will urge you to invite more loveliness into your human experience. Others are designed to shift your ingrained perspectives and get you thinking differently. Some are intended to bring up surprises! Some will help you figure out how to design your life on your terms.

Choose one or two which really resonate with you or challenge yourself to do them all over the course of this month.


(For those who don't like writing by hand - you are not excused! Open up a new document on your computer and start typing!)

1. Carl Jung said, ‘The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.’ Write about your response to this quotation.

2. What does it really mean to ‘walk your joy path’?

3. Which three pastimes or activities tend to offer you the most satisfaction, contentment and flow? Write about why these activities are important in your life.

4. When was the last time you let someone else’s opinion affect your outlook in a negative way? Write about the experience and about what you learned as a result of it.

5. What would your life be like if you started taking more responsibility for your own happiness?

6. Write about your version of success. (Forget everyone else's version.)

7. List your three greatest strengths. Write about how you have used them so far this year.

8. What are your deal-breakers and ‘no compromise zones’ in friendships and relationships? (This is about identifying boundaries. If you struggle to figure out your boundaries, now is your chance to get clear on some!)

9. What does it really mean to ‘get into your body’? Why might it be an important thing to do?

10. Set an alarm for ten minutes time. Then, write your deepest truths. Don’t stop writing – write whatever comes to mind until you hear the alarm.

11. Choose one tough challenge from your personal history. Write about the strength and endurance you showed in getting through it.

12. Write a list of the negative and hurtful things you say to yourself but would never say to a friend. (Once you have written them, imagine saying them to someone you dearly love.)

13. What would you do this week if you had no fear of leaving your comfort zone?

14. When was the last time you felt completely connected to the universe and/or spirit? Describe it in detail. (If it's been far too long since you felt that way, your task is to write about how you'd most like to feel connected.)

15. What does it truly mean to be ‘the main character in your own life’ rather than ‘a minor character in someone else’s’?

16. Where would you be in five years time if you started owning your decisions and honouring your authentic truth today?

17. Whereabouts are you giving other people your energy whilst depriving yourself of it?

18. What is the deepest nature of your creative spirit?

19. Whereabouts are you currently experiencing unnecessary emotional pain? Why do you allow it to continue?

20. What does it really mean to ‘bloom where you’re planted’?

Much love!