Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Angelic Vibes

I began exploring the benefits and uses of angel cards when I saw Angela McGerr's delicious Heart and Soul deck at the bookshop and knew that I couldn't leave without it. Angelic presences have never been a part of my personal practice or spiritual experience but I didn't base my decision to delve into angel cards on that. I mean, Jesus Christ isn't a part of my spiritual life either, but his messages are certainly cool and I can get on board with them. I really like to take a little from the entire cornucopia of lessons and concepts which are on offer in spirituality. Angels tend to each be representative of powerful themes and energies, making them useful for things like visualisation, deep contemplation and setting intentions. Whether or not you feel that angels are distinct, separate beings who visit you and guide you, they are certainly beautiful concepts. They each combine different qualities and ideas under the banner of a name and image which the mind can connect with and learn from.

Angels as spirit guides
In the accompanying book for the Heart and Soul deck there is no given information about the origins of each angel. Having done some research on several of the featured angels, I found that they were mentioned in the Bible, the Zohar and the Kabbalah among other places, although details about some of them are sketchy at the most, non-existent at the least. This led me to thinking that the depicted angels could be considered simply as spirit guides and that my understanding of them could be unencumbered by their 'back stories'. Indeed, reading Angel McGerr's descriptions of the featured angels and their meanings is inspiring and empowering.

Many spirit guides come to us in different guises and under different names. Many people (including myself) believe that Source simply has countless 'faces' with which is greets and interacts with us. For instance, I believe that my matron goddess is just one facet on the diamond of the divine feminine and that the divine feminine itself is just one way of interpreting certain energies which exist as part of Source. In the end, it's all one. I decided that the nature and historical origin of each named angel in the book, although interesting, need not be sought before the angels themselves can be deemed useful or illuminating. Perhaps they just represent the energies of the guides who wish to offer their assistance or lessons at any given time.

Angels as energetic themes/concepts
I love the fact that each angel offers a different 'prescription' of themes, energies, lessons and 'uses'. Despite the lack of angelic presences in my own life, the qualities and traits of each angel all embody different things that I've experienced, learned, lost or desired during my lifetime. Therefore the angels represent different facets of the human experience. The cards work wonderfully in this way without a need for overt focus on the fact that angels are largely an Abrahamic concept (with some exceptions in Sikhism and other belief systems). They can be viewed as symbols of different energies, where they are needed and how they can be enhanced and used. The word 'angel' can instantly fill people with positive feelings and associations. Even those who have consciously rejected their Christian upbringing and dealt with difficulties in that area often tend to keep the notion of angelic guidance in their belief system. Angels are non-threatening and don't seem to hold the same sense of restriction, dogma and judgement. Instead they tend to be seen as neutral protective forces of great compassion.

Meditations and visualisations with the angel cards
I have worked with this particular deck during time in sacred space. I tend to draw a card at random, requesting an important message or instruction which is relevant to my situation. I always receive a card with a significant and helpful message. I have also journeyed into the realm of each angel and attempted to experience their specific vibrations. The wonderful thing about the cards is that they do not depict the angels in human form but simply as a set of wings in a surreal, dream-like setting of some kind. This means that they convey atmosphere and feeling rather than relatable physical appearance. This makes for a deeper and more profound experience, in my view.

The set-up of Angela McGerr's deck
There are four distinct sections in the deck: Angels for Heart's Desire, Angels for Soul's Purpose, Mystical Animal Guides and Light Tools. The two groups of angels help with identifying and reaching your heart's desire and soul's purpose. The animal guides offer guidance and assistance, acting as allies in overcoming challenges and getting clear on intentions. The light tools are intended to be used much like chosen weapons would be in a computer game - helping to clear resistance, win ground and strengthen skills. Together, the four groups create an opportunity to select one card from each to form a combination or simply draw a random card for a distinct singular message. The accompanying book offers advice on spreads and ways of using the cards effectively. The language in the book is very much of the 'love and light' New Age paradigm which is not everyone's flavour but hasn't irked me - in fact I find it rather liberating and linguistically inspiring. I like to dip my toe into those waters. Some people may find the process of transforming the lexicon into actionable advice to be difficult, but the more you bond with the cards individually, the clearer their messages become.

My offerings
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Do you have any angel cards in your deck collection?