Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Let's Talk About Your Tarot Business

Do you have a seriously deep down desire to be in service and inspire positive change in people? Do you dream of spending every day cutting your deck and opening your heart for a living? Do you want to create a winning strategy for starting your ideal Tarot business or helping your existing business to thrive in 2015? Do you want this so much that your desire is palpable? 

Are you in one of these categories? 

- You haven't yet started your Tarot business but you can't stop thinking about it. You feel like The Fool about to walk off the edge and you want me to give you a friendly push!

- You've been at it for a while and you feel that you've experienced some success but it's slow going. You feel as though you should have made more progress by now and you're wondering how to give your business a jump-start.

- You're feeling positive about your business and you have a feeling that 2015 is going to be the turning point! You want to prepare yourself for success and figure out how to leverage social media, tighten up your branding and show people what you can really do!

- You're really struggling with your business; you feel as though your high hopes have been dashed. You've thought about giving up but something keeps stopping you. Maybe the spark is still alive and it just needs some kindling..

A Business Mentoring Session with me would be an epic investment for you if..

* You're struggling to believe that you can really make decent money reading Tarot

* You feel as though the online Tarot industry is over-saturated and that there's no room for you

* You can't figure out what your unique selling point is, what makes your brand special and what your super powers really are

* Social networking platforms don't seem to inspire you and you have no idea how to create a buzz

* You've read 1001 articles about authentic and effective networking but you feel like there's some secret that you're not aware of!

*You feel as though you're developing an amazing tribe, but the attention isn't translating into sales

* You're struggling to be consistent; sometimes you're dedicated and organised, sometimes you feel like throwing in the towel!

* You've always wanted to pick my brain and ask me more about my own business journey and marketing techniques

* You want 2015 to be the year that you see some tangible results worthy of popping open some champagne!

* You want someone who understands your passion to give you some warm words of encouragement and leave you feeling refreshed and inspired

* You want to talk your big business plans through with someone who can offer honest, objective feedback from an industry perspective

Don't struggle alone. It can be tough when you're going around in circles wondering what to do next. Don't walk into the dark playground of toxic comparison and crippling self-doubt. Let's work together to bring some laser-focus to your dreams. I'd be happy to help you crystallize your vision and hold it a little higher. You'd be amazed at how far a few of your answered questions will take you. You'd be surprised at how many little tweaks and changes you could implement to help you take things up a notch. If you've got a business blind spot, I'll put a fresh pair of eyes on it! If you're looking for some structure and direction, let's make that happen. If you're telling yourself that you've tried everything, maybe it's time to try a mentoring session.

Much love, honeypie!

(Please note that this purchase option is not just for Tarot readers. I have enjoyed mentoring people with all kinds of heart-centred business dreams. But I particularly recommend my mentoring approach for fellow readers.)