Tuesday, 10 March 2015

100 Illuminating Journal Prompts: Heal, Reveal and Get Real

These prompts are designed to help you dig deeper.. They are for those who find themselves on a journey of healing, self-love, shadow work and spiritual experiences. Open yourself up to what is hidden, check your ego defenses at the door and get your pens (or keyboards) at the ready!

1. Whereabouts are you currently feeling impatient and frustrated? 
2. Make a list of words and phrases which describe how you feel about your early childhood. 
3. Which option currently looks a lot more attractive than it probably is in reality? Be honest.
4. Which problem seems to be shared by most people in your life right now? Do you have that same problem?
5. What are you currently trying to obtain from someone else because you don't feel able to give it to yourself?
6. What are the positive and negative aspects of adopting a child-like perspective on something?
7. Of all the expectations placed upon you by other people, which one do you currently resent the most?
8. Whereabouts in your life is there a deficit of compassion?
9. When was the last time you did something purely so that you could receive praise for it (and what are your impressions of that in hindsight)?
10. Think about the three most important relationships in your life right now. To what extent are you being authentic in each of them? Go deep. Get clear. 
11. What's your biggest block when it comes to living life on your own terms?
12. Is it important to feel physically attractive? Why or why not?
13. What are your most memorable experiences of standing your ground? What do each of those experiences have in common?
14. Are all people capable of the same level of spiritual expansion and awareness? Why or why not?
15. Who deserves the truth about your feelings right now? How would you express your truth to them if you could only say it in one sentence?
16. What drives you to be better at the moment?
17. Make a list of things which used to mean a lot to you -beliefs, people, places, memories etcetera- but now no longer mean much to you at all. 
18. How did you protect your ego today?
19. How important is it to have a close connection to nature? 
20. Whereabouts do you tend to resent others for what they have?
21. If money was no object, who would you offer immediate financial help to and why?
22. If money was no object, who would you refuse to offer financial help to and why?
23. What are your true feelings about sex?
24. Is empathy ever a negative thing? Why or why not?
25. Whereabouts do you currently have a hidden agenda?
26. What is the true value of art for the purposes of healing?
27. Do you tend to feel lonely when you are alone, or are you merely in your own company? Explore your thoughts in-depth.
28. Whereabouts are you trying to achieve balance? 
29. Which trait/ability are you praised and recognised for the most? Is it the one you want to be praised and recognised for the most?
30. Which goals are a little blurry and unclear at the moment? How might that be slowing you down?
31. What would be the biggest ego stroke for you right now?
32. Think about a time when disappointment taught you a big lesson. Write about it as though it only just happened. Get really close to your memory so that you are living it all over again.
33. Are you entitled to financial abundance? Why or why not?
34. When was the last time you found it difficult to give someone some space even when they asked for it and/or clearly needed it?
35. What would you choose to be protected from if you could choose just one thing?
36. Which rule do you want to break more than any other?
37. Whereabouts are you failing to take the necessary steps towards happiness?
38. Imagine you have been hired to write an article about self-sabotage for a self-development magazine. Write it from your own perspective and draw on your own experiences. 
39. What is enchantment? When was the last time you were enchanted?
40. When was the last time you enjoyed someone else's misfortune (and what is your impression of that in hindsight)?
41. Write down three golden rules for friendship. Think about rules which are fundamental to your ideals about what it means to be friends with someone. Then write about any friendships -past or present- which don't/didn't go by these rules. 
42. Whereabouts are you absorbing more information that you're actually using?
43. How can you be of service in a meaningful way at this point?
44. How often do you judge people on their looks?
45. If you wanted to find a place of sanctuary right now, where would you go and why?
46. What is your biggest romance fantasy? Why do you think you choose this fantasy in particular?
47. Which qualities are the most important in a parent?
48. Who do you pity the most right now and why?
49. What seems to be obstructing your sense of your own potential more than anything else?
50. If you could make a film about one short period of your life so far, which time would you choose and why?
51. When was the last time you felt totally exposed and vulnerable?
52. Which responsibility can you drop right now for the sake of your own happiness?
53. Whereabouts is your personal power being compromised?
54. What is the purpose of anger?
55. What would happen if you just refused to take any shit from now on?
56. Imagine that you enter a competition against your hero/idol and you win. How do you feel?
57. What happens when your actions are consistently in conflict with your supposed intentions?
58. Which areas of your life need a little more playfulness and a little less rigidity?
59. Who makes a positive impact in your life every day and how do they do it?
60. Promises are sometimes broken. How has this truth been evident in your own life?
61. Where's your sore spot in the ego? The one place you won't even discuss.. 
62. Do you hold all people in your life to the same standards more or less? Or do you tend to make excuses for key people? If so, who and on what grounds?
63. Change is a fact of life. In what way does this tend to scare you?
64. What is the relationship between destruction and success?
65. Which fear could you make more effort to overcome?
66. If you had to dedicate the next six months to only one project or goal, where would you choose to place your focus and why?
67. What could you be more grateful for?
68. When was the last time you let someone mess with your mood? 
69. What will your next big adventure look like?
70. Whereabouts don't you really believe your own hype? What kind of effect is that having on your ability to make things happen?
71. How do you tend to experience the emotion of envy? What are the key characteristics of envy for you and how do you respond to the 'symptoms'?
72. Which relationship needs to be eliminated?
73. 'A year from now you'll wish you had started today.' Whereabouts does this ring true for you?
74. Pushing for results can often lead to resentment and burnout. What are your experiences with this?
75. How would you use your wisdom and experience to help someone cope with heartbreak?
76. Strength is shown in many different ways. Write about someone in your life who shows their strength in a subtle but undeniable way. 
77. What kind of thoughts and feelings does the word 'destiny' tend to bring up for you?
78. Whereabouts are two pathways converging in your life at the moment and how will you make your decision?
79. What does the term 'kindred spirits' mean to you?
80. How can you ensure that you are not swayed by persuasive, charismatic people who may wish to turn you towards their way of thinking through the means of emotional manipulation or trickery?
81. When you detect instant hostility from someone you've only just met and you feel that you are being instantly judged, what is your usual -inner and outer- reaction?
82. Write down three qualities which always tend to win your respect in others. Then write about how well you display those qualities in yourself. 
83. When was the last time you were surprised by your emotional reaction to something someone said?
84. What would you really like someone else to do for you so that you didn't have to do it yourself?
85. Which song lyrics represent your current situation and why?
86. How many different forms of love have you directly experienced?
87. When was the last time you were awe-inspired?
88. What does the word 'grace' make you think of? How do you practice and/or embody grace in your life?
89. Whose perception seems to be clashing violently with yours right now and how so?
90. Are you secretly in possession of something which could help other people? Why are you keeping it to yourself? 
91. Which character traits tend to make you feel a sense of superiority over the person displaying them? 
92. Do you often feel the need to apologise for following your instincts and doing your own thing? Explore your answer in-depth.
93. What are you still waiting for? 
94. Do you tend to feel trapped and confused when you have too many options to choose from? Why or why not? Why do you think so many people feel trapped by an abundance of options?
95. What does your conduct in the outside world say about who you are as a person?
96. What really disgusts you right now? Make a list. 
97. What does the word 'purity' make you think of?
98. Do you think there is an opportunity for major awakening and realisation this year? If not, why not? If so, in what sense?
99. Can human beings really 'lose their innocence'? Go deep with this. 
100. Which question would you really like an answer to right now?

Happy journalling..

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