Friday, 13 March 2015

The Essence of a Beginning

Beginner's mind is all you need at the beginning. The Fool packs light at the start of his big adventure and you can do the same. Leave those heavy old belief systems behind you as you take to the road. Scatter your preconceived notions to the wind; they will only slow you down. Innovation and dynamism and invention are yours to play with. Permit yourself to toy with your ideas; cut them into pieces, rearrange them and then stick them back together in a different order. To shatter the mould beyond all recognition is your birthright. (This is true whether you believe it or not, but belief really helps.) When you allow yourself to be even 5% more open to possibility than you were yesterday, great things happen in love, in parenting, in business, in finance, in art, in the sacred circle..

Be excited about what could happen rather than insistent about what should happen. Remember to connect with the purity in the empty space - the sheer shine of potential for something to really occur. Drink that excitement and curiosity down and it will eternally quench your thirst for control. Rigidity has no place at the beginning.

Lovingly correct yourself when you're being too narrow. Lovingly correct yourself when you're drowning in the details and stressing about the small stuff while a stupendous, shiny newborn brainchild tugs on your shirtsleeve. Lovingly correct your tendency to dilute your desire down and play the small game. Bring yourself back into the path of love and openness. Receive the many gifts which wait for your arms and your eyes and your mind to open once and for all.

Commit to the chosen path but also to playfulness and to the forgotten places which beg to be explored in fine detail. Combine your dreams together so that they make new colours never before imagined. Be bold. Get ready for a hallelujah moment to come at some ungodly hour of the morning when you're second-guessing everything for the hundredth time. Write your manifesto. Witness the lesson behind the lesson.

The vision is a serving suggestion. The reality will end up looking totally different, but it's going to taste so much better.