Friday, 17 April 2015

15 Fun Facts About My Tarot Addiction

I've been at this Tarot malarkey a long time now! Over the years I've developed some winning strategies and formed some weird little habits. I've slipped into a groove, discovering what works for me and implementing it every day. Here are some fun facts about my Tarot practice!

1. My shuffle ritual is on lockdown. I cut the deck in half and dovetail shuffle it twice. I then make a series of small cuts in the deck, turning every other cut upside down - this ensures that my reversals are 'shaken up' each time. I  put the cuts back in a different order, constituting another shuffle. Then I do one final dovetail shuffle for luck. Perfect. Every now and then I find myself doing an overhand shuffle but it's rare.

2. I love to use crystals to set the mood and intention for a reading. Rose Quartz is pretty much always used. It promotes messages which align with self-love, self-care and healing as well as symbolizing my compassionate guidance. I then add other stones depending on the focus of the spread. For example, Red Jasper is great for business and career readings, Amethyst is a must for exploring a client's spiritual path and the benefits of Obsidian (and Snowflake Obsidian) for shadow work readings are endless.

3. I use the lunar phase to time a reading occasionally. If I know that there's a full super moon falling within the delivery time frame, I deliberately schedule a client's reading to coincide with that big neon intelligence in the night sky. I can do readings at any time of the lunar phase, but my Energetic Shadow Maps are timed precisely in accordance with the client's individual requirements.

4. I still struggle to remember the numerical order of the Major Arcana sometimes and need to look at it to jog my memory. I'm not joking. Stuff like that just doesn't stick.

5. I start to feel a bit weird if I don't shuffle a deck for a few days. When I was getting back into Tarot but not yet giving professional readings, I went to stay with a friend sans Tarot deck. I was so fidgety by the weekend that I had to break out her ordinary playing cards and give 'em a good ol' dovetail shuffle. It's so damn satisfying.

6. I have never given my closest friend a Tarot reading and I doubt that she will ever want one. She hugely respects what I do but has never fancied seeing what the cards have to say and I have never pushed the point. Lots of my other friends have had readings though.

7. I sometimes give 'comedy readings' to people. I'm sure you can imagine what that entails! People find it hilarious. (Add wine for untold fits of giggles.)

8. My hands get very dry during a full day of shuffling and typing. I always have hand lotions around when I'm doing readings. Handy Gurugu is my current favourite miracle worker.

9. All my decks currently live in a brown leather vintage carry case that my mum bought for me. I tend to have two or three in a rotation so there will always be some on hand whilst the rest are packed away. I eventually want to have my own room dedicated to performing readings and I then plan on having all the decks displayed on shelves.

10. I like to select a deck in accordance with my intuitive hits. Once I've considered the client's needs, I let my inner voice guide me to the correct deck. I much prefer this to giving querents the option, although I have been asked once or twice to avoid using Rider Waite due to a client's negative emotional associations with it and I will always agree to avoid using a deck for that reason.

11. I love discovering TV series and movies which include Tarot. When I unexpectedly see Tarot in a film I always squeal excitedly. Chances are that I was already relating the plot and characters to Tarot cards and the fact that Tarot then enters the story only intensifies my enjoyment of analyzing the film's meaning through that 'lens'. Edmond has my favourite use of Tarot in a film, although the Tarot reading in Now and Then comes a close second.

12. I sometimes find myself losing an hour here or there through Googling 'tarot tattoo' and just scrollin'. I don't have a Tarot-related tattoo myself but I am always thrilled to see the decisions others have made and how they look.

13. I have created my very own oracle deck using the medium of collage. I will be creating a second one this year, although they are just for personal use. Eventually I plan to create a Tarot deck which can be purchased and includes my original collage work. Life goals!

14. Karma solid perfume by Lush is a firm favourite to rub on the skin before working on a reading. The scent has so much atmosphere and includes my favourite notes - patchouli and orange.

15. I truly believe in the power of Tarot in relation to storytelling. Developing a plot, fleshing out your characters and working out the rhythm of the story - these things are just screaming for a dose of Tarot! You can check out my tips and tricks for using Tarot to write fabulous fiction right here.

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