Saturday, 11 April 2015

Do You Have a Soulful Biz Dream? These 3 Questions Will Help you Get Clear and Go Pro

It was never my intention to offer up my biz wisdom. I never really saw it as something I should create content about, nor did I think it would ever be a part of my calling with The Four Queens. But that changed when I started receiving requests for advice and mentoring from those with a desire to be in service as a full-time gig. So many people started making their way to me via my channel and blog. They expressed a genuine desire to guide and nurture others through high vibration teaching and healing. They all nursed a similar vision - to make honest money with integrity and joy, using the tools and modalities they truly believed in, creating sacred transformations for clients. Some people just wanted to know where to start. Some wanted to get a sense of permission and empowerment. I have even been approached by people who have been on their business journey for much longer than me and just felt as though their message had been blurred and obscured by the passage of time. Helping people with a meaningful, magical vision to crystallize their intentions is time spent in a holy way. I'm so grateful to be able to bring my whole soul to this work.

Do you find yourself embraced by the dream of a profitable heart-centred business? A business that touches others and inspires them in some way? Do you want to give your heart to the creative process, do what makes your soul sing and get paid for it? Do you want to show up in the world on your terms and weave your dreams and ideas into something bankable?

I feel you. It is not an impossible dream, you are entitled to invest your energy into it and you have every right to get real and serious about the stepping stones required to make it happen.

An important lesson I have learned during my time as a counsellor and mentor: there's a whole lot of power in the right question. Juicy questions really do shake everything to the top and get you thinking in a whole new way.

These three questions are designed to reach downwards and pull truths to the surface. Take some time to review them and allow that sacred exploration to make all the difference. I recommend using them as journalling prompts or focal points for brainstorming sessions too.

1. Do you know what you really want to say?

If you are harbouring a business vision or you've already set out on your business journey, it's very likely that you have your heroes.. Those beacons of inspiration, the wave makers, the movers and shakers who are running a profitable full-time expression of their soul's calling - those people really light you up from the inside out! You read their blogs, follow their Instagram pages and eagerly await their next product or service. You want a slice of what they've managed to cultivate for themselves, and if they're sharing tips on that stuff, all the better! But it's so important to ensure that while you're drinking from the well of their knowledge and light, you are also maintaining a sense of what you want to say. Many an authentic voice has been drowned out by the noise of others.

If you are heavily influenced by the content and branding of people in your desired industry, I strongly suggest taking a conscious break from following them quite so rigorously. Take some time to figure out what your message is and what you want to bring to the world. Don't beat yourself up if you realise that you've been spending too much time clinging on to what someone else is producing. Just understand that the admiration you feel is the evidence of something unmanifest within you. It's time to bring that stuff to the surface.

Journal prompts for extra credit: What does it really mean to have a 'voice' in business? How would you describe your core message to someone who didn't know anything about your business? What is the difference between being inspired by someone and imitating them?

2. Are you using your superpowers on the daily?

Too many people see a line of clear demarcation between their dream job and the job they do to pay rent at the moment. This is definitely a mistake and the good news is that you can start rectifying it immediately. Take your superpowers into your place of work, especially if it's a chaotic, clinical or corporate environment which could do with as many lightworkers as possible!

See every single situation, obligation and relationship as a potential piece of fertile ground to plant seeds with your spiritual skill set and watch them flourish.. If you want to be a holistic health coach and encourage people to be their best and most vibrant selves, don't confine that superpower to your half hour networking session in the evenings! Take it out into life! Pick up on situations in which you are being synchronistically called to be in service. Start a conversation, chime in when you overhear someone in the canteen talking about their workout routine, let people know what you're passionate about. If you love helping people step into their power, why would you keep that superpower to yourself? Spread it around and see each new day as a divine mission.

You are much more likely to see positive results with your business if you spend all day living in alignment with its purpose!

Journal prompts for extra credit: How do you plan to use your superpowers in your everyday life starting from right now? Whereabouts would you like to be more generous with your gifts and why? Which aspects of your life feel the most uninspiring and how can you shake things up?

3. Are you being realistic about the effort and commitment required? 

Lots of people are inspired by stories about seven figure businesses and two day work weeks. Whilst there's no doubt that those accounts of awesome success are exhilarating, I tend to find the most profound sparks of inspiration when I come across stories about how hard someone worked to achieve their success. When a successful entrepreneur talks about the first year or two of their business experience and describes the blood, sweat and tears they put in to laying the foundations for their dream, you cant help but think, 'The hard work does pay off!' They say there's no such thing as an overnight success. Even if someone appears to have grown a following out of nowhere, lots of things went on behind the scenes to achieve that momentum.

Gala Darling openly states that she worked non-stop on networking for the first two years of writing her blog. She 'lived, ate and breathed' the blogging experience and sacrificed her social life at times to focus on taking her dream to the next level. I urge you to consider how serious you really are about your desire to to make your business successful. Everyone has their own ideas about what constitutes hard work, and mileage definitely varies from person to person. But my advice would be that you should be able to 'feel the burn' after you've given time and energy to your business.

When it comes to creating content, networking, absorbing business advice and immersing yourself in your chosen industry, go above and beyond wherever possible. I did make sacrifices to ensure that I could eventually leave my office job and go pro. I choose to speak with pride about that rather than hiding it away as though it's not a desirable reality. I put the hours in and my work paid off. I want to see that happen for you too.

Journal prompts for extra credit: What kind of thoughts and feelings does the word 'commitment' tend to bring up for you and why? What is the happy medium between being present in your life and really showing up in a serious way to develop your business? How do you respond to the quote, 'There is no elevator to success - you have to take the stairs'?


In 2015 and beyond I will be producing various free resources to accompany the work I do with my business mentoring clients and over in my private business group on Facebook. The purpose of these gifts and outpourings is to offer sparks of inspiration and hope to those who, like me, feel called to serve using the wisdom they have acquired on their own unique life journey. In my heart, a greater plan is forming too. I hold onto a high vision of e-courses, masterclasses and workshops under one banner, available to everyone who wants to find fuel for their fire in business and also wants to keep it real, ethical and honest. I will keep you updated on my progress and I hope you will continue to join me for these soulful biz jams.


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