Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Meet Your Mystical Animal Guide: Calling for Cosmic Backup in a Crazy World

I have journeyed with all twelve of the mystical animal guides from Angela McGerr's astounding Heart & Soul Angel deck. Each one has a distinctive energy and a particular blend of strengths and qualities which combine to create a unique energy signature. These signatures can touch the human spirit in marvelous ways. There's an underlying archetypal force inherent within each guide. Each has its own personality formed of many subtle shades of colour and light, dancing..

The unique vibes of twelve rare cosmic beings are waiting to serve you.

Their transformational influence can trigger profound insight.

When I discover which mystical animal guide a client is currently channeling, I always feel as though it's the right one - an old friend turning up at just the right time! It's thrilling to see exactly how a guide's energy combines with a client's situation to provide nurturing wisdom and create a clear pathway towards the light.

There's something super inspiring about seeing an image of your guide accompanied by information about how to work with him/her effectively and a detailed explanation of what they can help you with. A wise, powerful companion for your journey can make all the difference.

I welcome you to discover your mystical animal guide and find out how this enchanting presence can elevate your perspective and offer sacred solutions to your challenges.

Let's make some mystical magic happen..