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Tarot Spotlight: Erick Silvermoon

Tarot Spotlight is a blog feature which allows us to meet and mingle with the Hierophants and High Priestesses of the Tarot community. In this installment I am intensely excited to get the chance to put some questions to the wonderful Erick Silvermoon. We first met when he approached me to do an interview for Witches of the Four Quarters and I fell in love with his energy and enthusiasm for all things magickal. A certified Angel card reader and professional psychic, Erick is on a mission to spread joy and uses a deeply intuitive approach in his work. Read on to find out why he values the psychic training he received, which three pieces of advice he would give to beginners and and why he strives to be more like The Hierophant every day.

One thing I love about your online presence and approach to your work is that you're so focused on the proactive, the positive and the 'can-do' energy of solutions. On your website you say: 'I have been told that my readings are "life coach" like, and that it always feels like friends talking over tea.' I'd love to know which Tarot card you would choose to represent your approach with clients and why..

Erick: Ooh, this is a fabulous question! I am a huge fan of leadership, life coaching, and self-help books. This kind of interest allows me to project those types of traits in my everyday life. I really enjoy being of service to others, however I am not one to just give the answers away. My feelings are that I provide the person/client with the safe environment and creative freedom to come up with the answers themselves by recommending things I have done in the past or suggest things that have worked for others. I just ask the right questions to give the individual the opportunity to think for themselves and to do their own work. During a reading, my Spiritual Tribe only lets me know the information that is going to provide the most healing for the person. The person's/client's Spiritual Tribe won’t simply give them the answers either; it will be up to them to make something happen with the information they were just given. So I would have to say that the Tarot card that best describes me and my style would have to be.. Drum roll please.. The Hierophant!

My why for picking The Hierophant is that he takes spirituality, hard concepts, and ideas and tailors them for the querent so that the information is easy to understand and easy to incorporate in the querent’s everyday life. He is a true leader, spiritual teacher, and a fantastic mentor. I don’t feel that The Hierophant is one to give answers away either. He is one to make the individual think for themselves so that there is growth and development. He challenges the querent’s mind as well as his own. I personally strive every day to be more like The Hierophant. 

You've been certified through the Flora Sage Therapies Institute as a Professional Psychic. So many psychics, healers and readers are interested in her programs and following her work. What would you say the key benefits of the program have been for you?

Erick: I would like to mention that I don’t believe you have to be certified to do what I do.  My personal reason for wanting to be certified as a professional psychic is that I wanted something I could have so that others would take me seriously. I know how that sounds, but I have had a lot of naysayers in my life that left a negative effect on my confidence as a psychic and as a reader. I wanted the opportunity to finally put it to a test. I have been working with Flora Sage since 2012. I did a Year and a day with her and it was only natural that I would receive my certification through her as well. She is one of my favorite people, mentor, teacher, colleague, and friend. 

The benefits of Flora’s certification course was that I was able to question everything I use to believe in that I picked up from books and other people, and really figure out what my niche was by getting my hands dirty and experimenting. I was able to uncover and face many of my fears and see them for what they truly were. I was introduced to so many different methods of divination, and through that is how I became very comfortable with Oracle cards and then Tarot. I had to do supervised readings for clients where I was, once again, put in front of more fears. However, that process really allowed me to push past those blocks and shine on through. I was able to gain a completely new level of confidence as a psychic and as a reader. The best part about this was the group of individuals that took the course with me, and that includes Flora. I didn’t feel alone and it was easy for me to ask for guidance, as well as share my experiences.  I am very grateful and thankful for that course, and I highly recommend it for those interested in this and any of Flora’s courses.

Which three key pieces of advice would you give to someone who was only just beginning to learn Tarot?

Erick: The three nuggets of advice would be.. Number 1: Don’t take other truths as your own until you have allowed yourself the opportunity to question how you really feel about them.  Question everything!  Number 2: Get a journal dedicated to your Tarot journey and write down what each card means to you. The books that come with the decks are fun if you read them to understand what the author/illustrator wanted to convey in their decks. I would recommend creating your own notes. I see Tarot the way I see school - you have to do the homework to get the best grade.  Number 3:  Keep in mind that not every card will mean what you think it means.  I don’t know if this is the same for others, but for me, one card can mean so many different things.  Be open to the ever-changing faces of Tarot.

What are your favorite parts of the online business journey?

Erick: OMG!  I have literally re-invented my websites and myself about 6-7 times.  Through each of those un-sheddings I have learned so much about who I really am, and what I really want to do online.  I love the journey to authenticity that only online journeying provides.  Whether that is through an Etsy or website and/or through social media.

The other thing that I find to be so freaking gorgeous is the community of people you find through your online adventures.  I have met and chatted with the best like-minded individuals. You realize that there are so many people just like you wanting to succeed the same way you do; you tend to want to help each other out. It’s beautiful!

Would you consider yourself to be a 'lightworker' and what does that word mean to you?

Erick: Ah, Kelly-Ann, these are all brilliant questions! Okay, I would have to say.. YES, I am a lightworker.  I work with pure Divine light.  It is the most awesome, positively charged source energy there is. Light, for me, means positivity, Divine Guidance, high vibration, Spirit/Source energy, wisdom, Angelic, and healing.  A lightworker puts these to use in their everyday life. I see myself as a lighthouse in many ways, shining bright for myself and for others. I hope that through that process others are able to become their own lighthouse-lightworker. 

My everyday priority is to be in and become that Divine light.  It doesn’t matter how many times I find myself outside of the light, but what does matter is how quickly I come back into the light.  It is all about being that spiritual teacher 24/7 not just on Facebook, or Twitter.. every single second.. to every single breathe one takes in and exhales out! There is no such thing as a part-time lightworker.  This is what it takes to really experience this Human Experience and all the fun challenges that come along. It is an everyday way of being.

Ever since first coming into contact with you I have really enjoyed watching your business grow. I love the new website and I think your social media presence is really uplifting and inspiring. What's in the pipeline for your business in 2015?

Erick: Thank you so much Kelly-Ann, you know how much I adore you! I am so crazy, over-the-moon in love with 2015 (so far)! The energy has been so powerful, in the action-goal oriented way.  I have discovered so much about myself already. I have recently bit the bullet and started making some YouTube videos, which has been challenging for me. However, I really enjoy creating them. I am currently working on my second deck; it is a Tarot deck that will be available for purchase in the fall through my website. I have some products coming out that are Archangel inspired, which I am super excited about. This year is all about coming into my own. Being thirty this year has really allowed me to tap into some deep wisdom and connection to my Spiritual Tribe as the number 3 is very sacred to me. This has helped my authenticity shine brightly through my work.

I am working on my action plan to create the best financial success with my business. Lots of goals, lots of journaling, lots of planning, lots of blogging, and a shit load of tea breaks! I think you are the only other person I know that enjoys a good tea break as much as I do! Thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with you and your readers in this beautiful way. Blessed Be!

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