Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Big Midyear Check-In: Tweak Your 2015 with These Delicious Journal Prompts!

Today it's Summer Solstice on the top half and Winter Solstice on the bottom. This means we all share in a perfect time to review 2015 so far and make some important decisions about how we'd like to progress from here. For many who follow the Wheel of the Year, Beltane is seen as midyear and Samhain as the New Year point. However the Solstices always work more naturally for me as times to review and reassess, since they work more in harmony with the 'common' calendar.

I have compiled some questions to be used as journal prompts or just as points of reference to get your ideas flowing over the next week or two. Some of your answers will confirm what you already knew whilst others will provoke deep inner shifts as you realise that you want to make big changes in the second half of the year. Some questions will lead to more questions and some will lead to the answers you've been looking for..

See the midyear check-in as a chance to say a resounding 'YES' to what's been working for you and as an opportunity to tweak things where necessary.

Select key questions to work on or make time for several journalling sessions in the coming weeks to tackle them all. Return to these questions at the next Solstice or whenever you feel called to do so. A good journal prompt doesn't have an expiration date!

1. Whereabouts have you experienced the most joy so far this year? (Consider projects, events, relationships etcetera)
2. What have you noticed about the evolution of your priorities and goals since January?
3. What has your relationship with your body been like this year?
4. How can you potentially tweak your connection to food and exercise for the latter half of 2015?
5. What do you plan to read and study for the rest of the year?
6. Which creative projects have been fulfilling versus which ended up being frustrating or perplexing?
7. How have you been planning, scheduling and organising your time so far this year? 
8. How can you tweak your time management system so that it works more effectively for the rest of 2015?
9. What's the most profound lesson you've learned about yourself so far this year?
10. Which five key words would you use to describe your 2015 so far and why?
11. How have you been practicing self-mastery and how do you intend to continue with your progress?
12. Who have your best and most effective teachers been so far this year?
13. How have you been challenging and dismantling your childhood conditioning?
14. Which illusions have been broken this year?
15. Whereabouts do you need to invite healing and/or release in the coming months?
16. Whereabouts do you need to slow down and pay more attention?
17. What has your greatest success been so far this year?
18. What kinds of opportunities have you chosen to bypass and why?
19. Take a look at the key decisions you've made in your relationships with others. Which were wise and/or necessary? Which were naive and/or unfortunate?
20. What are you looking for now in terms of opportunities for the remainder of the year and why?
21. What have you  learned about commitment so far this year?
22. If you could choose to do anything for the reminder of 2015 what would you do and why?
23. What were you aiming for this time last year? 
24. Choose a song to represent the first half of this year and write the reasons for your choice.
25. List as many happy memories from this year as you can.
26. What still needs to be completed?
27. How do you feel about the choices other people in your life have been making and what those choices can teach you about your own journey?
28. Which aspects of your character have made a big appearance so far this year?
29. Whereabouts have you really surprised yourself?
30. What has been learned in your friendships with others and how have those lessons affected you?
31. Write about how much independence and autonomy you've shown this year and how much you'd like to show in the coming months.
32. Describe one of the most jarring, alarming experiences you've had so far this year.
33. Write about a memorable dream/daydream that you've had this year.
34. Who has had the biggest influence on you and why?
35. What do you want to show to the world in the coming months?
36. Which battles have you chosen to fight and which did you choose to pass up?
37. If you could revisit and relive one day from the first half of 2015 which one would you choose and why?
38. Whereabouts do you feel that you've managed to shine and display your talent?
39. Which news stories really interested you so far this year and why?
40. Write about a new interest, passion or activity which has materialised in your life this year.
41. What have you crossed off your bucket list and what will you aim to cross off in the coming months?
42. What has your spiritual practice taught you more than anything in 2015?
43. Whereabouts has your ego been interfering with things?
44. Write a declaration of your commitment to the months ahead. Include what you'd like to feel and which experiences you'd like to have in each area of your life. 
45. Write, '2015 has shown me...' twenty times on a piece of paper and finish each sentence with the first thing that comes to mind.
46. Which day trips, holidays, visits or walks made a big impression on you this year?
47. How much time have you spent with friends and family?
48. What lessons have you learned about money?
49. Whereabouts have you experienced burnout, exhaustion or resentment?
50. How do you intend to strengthen and maintain your boundaries for the remainder of the year?
51. Write a list of some acts of self-love that you've carried out so far this year and why they were important.
52. How have you used the internet in a positive way this year?
53. What has your relationship with the planet been like?
54. Which area of your life do you think needs the most tweaks and changes?
55. What are you still holding on to that you really need to release?
56. Where have you shown patience so far this year?
57. You get to recommend one resource, activity or idea that you've discovered in 2015 to the whole world: what are you going to recommend and why?
58. How has your sleeping pattern been and do you need any tweaks in this area?
59. What was your most spiritual moment so far?
60. How have you rebelled against other people's expectations this year?
61. What have you been postponing and how can you now take action?
62. In what ways have you reached out to others and made meaningful connections?
63. How have you allowed your inner child to be involved in your plans and decisions?
64. Whereabouts have you experienced conflict -both internal and external- and what has the overarching lesson been in each case?
65. Which acts of supreme self-love can you put into your schedule in the next few weeks?
66. Which word do you choose to represent the way you want your year to change from this moment forward?
67. How do you plan to celebrate the first half of the year and make way for the next half?
68. When did you cry over the last six months and why?
69. Write about a recurring pattern of behaviour that you've witnessed this year -either positive or negative- and the impact that it's had on you. 
70. Which juicy breakthroughs have you had?
71. How have you felt stuck, stagnant or incapable and which changes can you make to tackle those feelings in the coming weeks and months?
72. Write about a time this year when something didn't go according to plan and consider what you learned from the experience. 
73. What was the best film/documentary that you saw so far this year and why?
74. What new band/tv series/artist/writer have you discovered and loved?
75. What do you wish you'd spent more time on and why?
76. Which political issue has affected you the most in 2015 so far?
77. Whereabouts do you plan to be more authentic, vocal or upfront in the coming months?
78. If you could drop one thing from your weekly/monthly schedule completely for the rest of the year what would it be and why?
79. Which month offered the most in terms of lessons and opportunities so far this year?
80. Which month was the most challenging and why?
81. What do you plan to tweak and change about your living environment in the coming months?
82. Where have you been channeling your masculine energy most of all and what kind of impact has it had?
83. What have you learned about jealousy and toxic comparison so far this year?
84. How have you been able to better understand yourself through your mistakes, setbacks and failures?
85. Which stories have you been telling yourself on repeat and how have they affected you?
86. Where have you tasted victory and how did it feel?
87. At which points have you experienced feelings of guilt in 2015 and why?
88. Whereabouts have you felt alienated or rejected this year?
89. Who has received your wise counsel in 2015 and did they use it to their advantage?
90. When could you have reached out for more support from others and why didn't you?
91. Which assumptions did you make about others this year and were those assumptions proved wrong?
92. Write about a time when you realised you had to reassess your plans.
93. Write about a time when you made a foolish decision and then had to correct yourself.
94. Who would you like to see more of in the latter half of 2015 and why?
95. If 2015 was a colour, which colour would it be and why?
96. Whereabouts do you want to have more control in the coming months and why?
97. How have you shown courage in 2015 so far?
98. Whereabouts have your morals and/or principles been tested this year?
99. How could you have been more receptive to other people's points of view?
100. What have you been suppressing this year and how can you let it out?

I hope that these prompts offer you expansion and realisation.


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