Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Memory Lane: The Self-Love September 2014 Master Post

I am now engaging in a deeply enthusiastic countdown..

Self-Love September 2015 is coming!

But for those of you who weren't cyber-schmoozing with me last year, I have created this tasty little master post of the blog posts and videos I placed under the Self-Love September banner in 2014 so that you can catch up on the goodness!

This list is also for those who want to refresh on what you got from last year and get ready to build on it with more tools and techniques.

Are you excited?!

Ok, here's the master post of blog offerings I created for Self-Love September last year:

Self-Love September is Here
An Important Assignment
Twenty Deep Journal Prompts:
Ten Self-Loving Acts for Inner Peace and Ultimate Empowerment:
Deathbed Perspective, Mapping the Versions of Yourself and Embracing Change
Inspiring Quote #1
Forgiveness, Acceptance and Reconciliation
Inspiring Quote #2
The Beauty of Personal Power
10 Inspiring Messages from Tarot
Inspiring Quote #3
A Shamanic Rebirth on a Dark Street
Going on a Date with Myself

Here's the 2014 video goodness to check out:

Tips to Get Started
Toxic Triggers
Toxic Comparison Part 1
Internal Permission
Toxic Comparison Part 2
Useful Spreads
Your Questions Answered

Also, check out some other videos I made about self-love since then:

Self-Love Reminders and Tips
Tea & Tarot: The Path of Self-Love
Self-Love: Musings, Tools and Reminders

You're so welcome, honeypie!