Friday, 11 September 2015

Self-Love September: 30 Journal Prompts for Guaranteed Quality 'Me' Time

I was really pleased to find that people were eager for journal prompts to be getting on with over the course of the month. It's my supreme pleasure to offer you thirty of the best ones that are currently floating around in my brainbox! I absolutely honour your willingness to sit with yourself and dig deep. Don't forget the healing power of a nice cup of tea, by the way, if you want to take the journalling process up a notch! It's the perfect accompaniment.

1. As you look back over 2015 so far, what have you learned in your personal self-love journey?
2. What are the most common patterns of self-loathing that you see in your friendship group/s?
3. How can you connect more fully with your body this month and beyond?
4. What have you learned about your own need to set boundaries and stick to them?
5. What does the term 'personal power' mean to you and how have you been practicing it?
6. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to act in your own interests?
7. How can you strike a comfortable balance between living in the present and planning for the future?
8. What do you look like when you are experiencing a surge of pure vitality? Describe it in detail.
9. Which three activities would you like to start doing more often and why?
10. Which of your friends or family members seems to have a great relationship with themselves? Explain your answer.
11. How do you shield yourself emotionally and energetically before walking into a potentially tense/chaotic situation?
12. Whereabouts would you like to gather more momentum before the end of the year? (Create a three-step plan to help you build momentum in the coming weeks.)
13. Why is it important to allow yourself to listen to your intuition?
14. What are the most common patterns of self-loathing that you see in your family dynamics?
15. What do you tend to feel called to teach/show people?
16. Imagine that you're writing an article about how to overcome obstacles and keep going when times are tough. Consider which personal experiences you would include as examples of how to survive and thrive in life.
17. Whereabouts in your life would you like to experience more relaxation?
18. How have you given your wisdom and guidance to someone this year?
19. How do you really feel about the idea that you can't truly love someone properly until you love yourself?
20. Write a list of ways in which you intend to make the coming days more self-loving.
21. What are the most common patterns of self-loathing that you see in the society around you?
22. How can you potentially connect your spiritual practice with the theme of self-love?
23. How do you feel about buying yourself presents? Explain your answer in depth.
24. Which three archetypes are you currently channeling a lot in your life?
25. What is the point of self-love? 
26. What would the world be like if no one loved or cared for themselves?
27. How have your priorities changed since this time last year?
28. How have you used your biggest strengths so far this year?
29. Write down some of your favourite quotes/books/movies/places and explain why they mean so much to you.
30. If you had to choose a song to represent you at this point in your life, which song would you choose and why?

Enjoy these prompts, you self-lovin' scribblers!



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