Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Countdown to Samhain: 50 Deep Journal Prompts for Those Who Dare

I never fail to find myself delighted by requests for journal prompts. I am constantly aware that I am in the company of those who, like me, aren't afraid to dive deep and bring back something dark and bejewelled from the very bottom. So, let's do this!

1. What has been your most profound experience of loss this year?
2. How have you managed to collaborate with other people in 2015?
3. Whose persona really gets on your nerves and why?
4. If you had to design a perfect spirituality for all of mankind to follow and practice, what would it be like? (Write about practices, ethics and beliefs.)
5. Write about a time when you felt completely misjudged.
6. Write about a time when you completely misjudged a person or situation.
7. Would the world be better if people stopped buying and owning so many material things? Why or why not?
8. How can jealousy teach us something important as a species?
9. Describe a time when you enjoyed seeing someone else lose or fail. 
10. What does it mean to 'play the victim' and why do people do it?
11. 'A Single event can have infinitely many interpretations.' Write about your response to this statement. 
12. Whereabouts have you experienced nostalgia this year?
13. Who always seems to take up more space and time than you'd like in your life? Write about this person from a place of compassion and empathy.
14. What have you been fighting for?
15. When will it be the right time to say the thing you keep meaning to say?
16. What kind of material security do you want and why?
17. What do your political beliefs tell you about your emotional needs?
18. Write about your last big idea in intricate detail. Then write about how you feel about the idea with the benefit of hindsight and close examination.
19. What would you say to your sworn enemy if you could speak to them right now?
20. How can people begin to move through fear using spiritual tools and practices?
21. Whereabouts do you need to encourage and support yourself more in life?
22. Which negative thought patterns are so ingrained that you rarely even recognise them taking place?
23. What are you responsible for and what is beyond your scope of responsibility?
24.'Action causes more trouble than thought.' Write about your emotional response to this statement.
25. How could you draw on the energy of your ancestors this Samhain?
26. Write a list of instructions for someone who is dealing with heartbreak for the first time.
27. Describe a time when you refused to see someone's point of view only to then find yourself agreeing with it later on.
28. Why do so many people love to use journal prompts to invite deeper explorations of self?
29. 'Telling the truth will always lead you to the right place.' Write about your emotional response to this statement.
30. Whereabouts do you currently feel as though you have no choice?
31. When was the last time you felt intensely cynical about something?
32. What have you been looking for in your spirituality this year and have you found it?
33. What would your life be like if you couldn't use your intuition to make key decisions?
34. 'Forgiveness is not a choice, it is a duty.' Write about your emotional response to this statement.
35. How can you help others in your life to be in the moment more and release unnecessary worries?
36. Why do so many people isolate themselves and refuse help when they are going through emotional turmoil?
37. 'Too much self-sacrifice leads to a death of the soul.' Write about your emotional response to this statement.
38. Write about a time when your judgement of someone completely took you by surprise.
39. Which of your principles and beliefs need to become more flexible in the coming year?
40. Which emotion tends to visit you most of all at the moment and why?
41. Where is your sanctuary? Describe it. 
42. Imagine that you're having a cup of tea and a casual chat with death. Record the conversation.
43. What is the most scary and unpleasant thing about ending a connection with someone?
44. Write about a time in your past when you felt as though someone else had complete power over you.
45. In tense/conflict situations, how can you be blunt and open about your feelings without being cruel?
46. 'Ambivalence can ruin your life.' Write about your emotional response to this statement.
47. When was the last time you gave something away even though you still really wanted it?
48. Which long-gone relationship is it still difficult to reflect on even now?
49. What are your most important creative intentions?
50. What does it feel like to be abandoned and rejected by someone who was supposed to love you?

Be brave and get writing, dollfaces!


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