Sunday, 22 November 2015

Wonderworker Week: 30 Journal Prompts to Illuminate the Path and Help You Walk It Like a Pro

Give some time and focus to your business journey with these deep journal prompts, designed to bring light and clarity to the proceedings.

1. Whereabouts do you expect to see big positive changes in your business in 2016 and why?
2. What scares you most about being a heart-centred business owner?
3. Write down the top three pieces of advice you’ve ever received about living a successful life and consider why each of them is helpful to you as an individual.
4. Who has inspired you significantly this year and why?
5. Write about what didn’t quite rise in the oven and what you could learn from that.
6. What does ‘empowerment’ look like on the heart-centred business journey?
7. How can you turn a bad day or a low mood around (and why is it important to be able to do this as a biz owner)?
8. What’s your biggest biz insecurity at the moment and why?
9. What did you learn about entrepreneurialism as you grew up and what was your overriding impression of it?
10. Why do you think so many people love the idea of running their own business?
11. If failure was a feeling, what feeling would it be and why?
12. How can you inject your business with your personal story more in 2016?
13. Who can offer encouragement and support when you’re feeling depleted?
14. What do you need to remind yourself of every single day on your biz journey?
15. Which resources have been super helpful in 2015 and why?
16. What kinds of resources do you find yourself looking for when you’re having problems or you need a boost?
17. Write about the top three high points from your biz journey in 2015 and the three lowest points.
18. ‘In business, the greatest wisdom comes not from knowledge but from experience.’ Write about your emotional response to this statement.
19. What do you plan to make into a business priority in the coming weeks and why?
20. Which three greatest qualities/strengths do you tend to use most often in business? (Try writing about specific examples.)
21. How can you begin to encourage yourself more actively and consistently?
22. What do you tend to look for in a creative project?
23. ‘Before you blame outside factors for your obstacles in business, you must look within yourself.’ Write about your emotional response to this statement.
24. Brainstorm where you want your business to be in five years’ time.
25. How do you want other people to see you in your role as the figurehead of your business?
26. How can you make your overarching goal more manageable and realistic for everyday progression? (In other words, how can you make your goal less intimidating?)
27. Whereabouts do you struggle most when it comes to planning and strategizing?
28. Whereabouts do you struggle most when it comes to the creative process?
29. ‘Deep self-knowledge is one of the most important tools on the business journey – without it, you can’t really build what you want.’ Write about your emotional response to this statement.
30. What would you like to discover about your strengths and abilities in business during 2016?