Sunday, 31 January 2016

Listen Up! The BS Carousel is No Place for a Spiritual Gangster

One of the key things I tend to talk about when it comes to both shadow work and self-love is the mythical, magical but very real 'BS carousel'. The BS carousel is that comforting, repetitive fairground ride which is covered in lights and plays that old, familiar song which is close to your heart. From the safety of the BS carousel, you can tell yourself the same story you've been telling yourself for days, weeks, months or even years. It's a circular story; the narrative never changes. It's a story which serves to keep you safe or make you feel blameless or create the illusion that there's nothing you can do to make your life better.

In this latest audio file, I get real with you about the insidious nature of the BS carousel, among other things. Whilst it's important that you don't abuse and berate yourself for whatever is going wrong in your life, it's also important that you don't allow yourself to keep riding on the BS carousel indefinitely, blissfully and insistently unaware of your own power to change things. Shadow work is not about blaming and shaming yourself. It's not about dragging your own name through the mud. It should never be about abusing yourself. But it is about getting real. It is about dropping the act, leaving the blame game behind, getting your arse off of that carousel once and for all - taking your power back.

I hope that these thoughts and messages serve you.


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