Friday, 19 February 2016

CYBER GOLD: Obscure Sorrows and Portraits of Witches

Welcome to another collection of goodies from the seven cyber seas. I come bearing gifts which I hope you enjoy. Working on the Cyber Gold posts has permitted me to work out what's actually interesting and meaningful to me over the course of several weeks. This leads me to look at trends in my thinking and it also gives me a chance to look back over the stuff that grabbed me or that I suspected would also be supremely useful to my readers. It's been a cool ride so far and long may it continue! Let's get into it!

  • Rachel Aust offers some tips for clearing out your wardrobe and getting those minimalist vibes:

  • Who else is utterly in love with Laboratorium Piesni? Like, to the point where you just listen to them over and over again? I know that they are setting the pagan/witchy community on fire at the moment, but if you're late to the party, get yourself acquainted:

  • What a cool quiz! Just for fun, of course, but I enjoyed it more than any quiz I've done in a while. In case you're wondering, I was a warrior..

  • For quite a while now, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows has been blowing my mind wide open in the most wonderful way.. I love this human being for inventing words to describe the seemingly indescribable. Some of these neologisms may help you to pinpoint emotional sensations which you believed could possibly be unique to you..

  • Ooooh, The Chaos Witch is cookin' up a Tarot deck, people! Here's a sneak peek - and, yes, that is one of the most amazing interpretations of The Page of Wands that I have ever seen.

  • Love Tarot? Love to go deeper than deep with it? Read this and fucking weep! What a blog post from the creator of The Orbifold Tarot!

  • I adore this video from Carrie Mallon. Yes yes yes - all the feels for this pure authenticity. If you're feeling disconnected right now, give it a watch:

  • Soldiers guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in blizzard conditions. I know that this happens, but reading about it really made me realise what a spiritual ritual act it is, and how the soldiers involved actually see it in such a beautiful way.. 'Right when you cross the threshold of the chains, it's like nothing else even matters.. It's just 21 steps, 21 seconds, you and the three unknowns. It's a feeling I can't even explain.'

  • 'It's paint and it's gonna be ok.' Holy fuck, if you don't watch Molly Roberts over at HerSpeak then you can officially make your life instantly better by clicking here:

  • I adore Rosianna Halse Rojas and she's been killing it over on her channel lately. She creates delicious collections of musings and ideas as well as having a keen eye for dreamy imagery and a lovely way of narrating her experiences. Here are some of my recent favourites from her:

I hope that you are managing to find the profound and the sacred in your world, both on and off line, internally and externally. May you be inspired and filled with fire.

Much love, darling!



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