Saturday, 13 February 2016

WONDERWORKER | A Treasure Trove of Biz Resources for Heartfelt Hustlers

If you're on a heart-centred business journey, I salute you, darling! Whether you're just starting out with some lofty visions in your mind's eye or you're already moving and shaking, I offer you my congratulations. The journey isn't always easy. Sometimes you can feel a little lost or you find yourself surrounded by obstacles and doubts.

I've been travelling along the road of heart-centred entrepreneurship for a while now and it's been a massive privilege to be approached by people asking me to offer mentoring sessions and to open up about my experiences and the things I have learned so far. I made the decision to offer individual mentoring sessions and packages to those who want a soulful inside perspective and some actionable advice. I also decided to start offering tips and tricks to help people overcome their insecurities, arm themselves with information and get moving! This blog post offers a little collection of the biz-related content I have offered so far. I hope that these tools can serve you.


Let's kick things off with a video about launching your heart-centred business. Pick up some tips and words of encouragement from me to you.


I have been offering Wonderworker Biz Riffs over on Soundcloud for a while now. The Biz Riffs are intended to be nurturing and in depth, tackling a few key issues on one hit. The plan with the Biz Riffs is to serve you some serious motivation and leave you feeling 100% ready to smash it! (Make sure you download them to listen at your leisure, darling.)


I have offered a number of blog posts which tap into biz-related themes to offer pragmatic, inspiring advice. Check out some of my biz blog shizzle here:

- What Does Heart-Centred Business Mean? (This one includes a video)
- Oracle Wisdom for the Biz Journey (This one includes  video)
- Free Time Versus Biz Time (This one includes a video)
- Collaboration Versus Competition (This one includes a video)
- Tarot Wisdom for the Biz Journey (This one includes a video)


I have also made two free gifts in the form of colourful, big-hearted e-zines for biz owners. You can click to appreciate here:

'Tidy Your Room' Theory & Other Tips for Conscious Content Creation
This e-zine is for creative biz owners who want to distill and bottle their message for the mystical masses! Enjoy!

Work It, Baby!
An e-zine to inspire the creative business owner within you!

Enjoy, dollface!