Sunday, 20 March 2016

CYBER GOLD: Ego Death, Lazy Sigils and Dating with Anxiety

Well hey there, fellow cyber surfers! I'm delighted to offer a brand new list of internet goodness for you to trawl through, and I thought I would release it on Ostara as a festive gift! Enjoy!

- 'When we begin healing ourselves, we are more available to guide the healing process for others. There is an integration that takes place and you witness the flow of energy which is available to all, not to a chosen few of the spiritual elite.' This article about reiki by Katrina Clark is just stunning..

- I really enjoyed Laura Lejeune's video about dating with social anxiety featuring her boyfriend. How adorable and authentic are they?! 

- Death falls in love with life in this wondrous short animation.. So many feels, right?

- Wanna do some sigil magick? Feeling lazy as fuck? No worries - the internet's got you totally covered. Uh-huh. What will they think of next?

- I love this family tree of Norse mythology. Too cute!

- Thorn Mooney is just awesome. I recommend not only her Youtube channel but all of her articles on Patheos - here's the directory of them. In this one I really enjoyed discovering the link between devotion and archery and learning more about being a coven leader. So cool.

- A touching portrait of male affection in the time before a lot of men felt weird about it. 

- Carrie Mallon's thoughts on procrastination are so energizing.. which is exactly what you need when you're procrastinating, right?!

- 'I'm prepared to evolve. Are you?' Look, I'm as surprised as you are that Julia Roberts is the voice of Mother Nature but it totally works, right? 

- 'We have to just let it be, to take a fucking step back for a moment, stop beating ourselves up into oblivion and let the cogs turn as they will. One day, this moment will make sense. Trust that.' Feel like you're trying to make success fall onto a pre-made timeline? Pushing desperately for results? Read this.

- Erick Silvermoon shares his thoughts and experiences as an intuitive reader.

- Let's destroy the ego, kids!

- This new app to help women meet women for friendship is too damn cute (and long overdue).

- An awesome Ostara spread to try courtesy of New Age Hipster. Grab your deck!

- Ora North smashes the 'body positivity' paradigm with the war cry of self-ownership.

- Josephine Baker is one of my all-time heroines. A courage woman and a defining symbol of the jazz age.. Wanna learn more? Check this out.

- Spend some time with another all-time hero of mine -Stanislav Grof- and discover the meaning and importance of the holotropic state.

- Bust Magazine offer a list of 20 Witchy Instagrams to Inspire and Bewitch You. So many new accounts to follow, and guess who made it, in at number one?! 

Until next time, stay inspired and make every single one of these crazy, hazy days count.



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