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WONDERWORKER | Why It Takes Time To Build a Profitable Online Spiritual Biz and Why That's a Very Good Thing

Do you want to make full-time money right now as an online Tarot reader or spiritual healer of some kind? Do you want to find out how to ditch your day job immediately and start paying the bills with your cardslinging skills via the internet? Do you scour the web looking for articles, tips, videos or paid courses to help you get into the fast lane, like, yesterday? If you want to conveniently bypass months upon months of content creation and networking, and arrive at a full-time Tarot gig with zero effort, this is not the blog post for you. And I'm not the business mentor for you either.

This blog post is going to keep it so painfully real that half the people with big dreams of running a full-time spiritual business won't even finish reading it.

And that's ok.

In fact, that's good.

Because I'm about to lay down some hard truths and only those who are prepared to swallow them need apply for a spot in this industry. This profession isn't for everyone. The time, energy and consistency that it takes to make it in this racket is what truly sorts the wheat from the chaff. As far as industries go, it really does regulate itself pretty well. Let's call it a self-policing industry in the sense that if you don't want to put in the time to get to know the community and offer something to the community then you are not likely to find that the community ends up paying your bills! Remember that when you are selling spiritual services such as readings and counselling sessions, you are selling something sacred.

In the wise words of Gaia, 'We're not selling sneakers here.' 

Yes! I caught that sentence in one of her videos recently in relation to the way that we use social media and conduct ourselves as purveyors of spiritual services, and it packs a powerful punch! Our conduct can and should be different to that of someone who's trying to sell a standard, mass produced product of some kind.

When you ask people to book you for a session or reading, you are asking for a relationship. You are seeking a bond which involves both parties having a certain degree of trust and respect for each other. But it's the client who is going to be placed in a position of openness and vulnerability, so you need to give them more than enough reasons to feel comfortable with that. When a client books a spiritual service, they are laying themselves open to your guidance. They are offering you a handful of their dreams, fears and questions, and saying, 'Here - help me with this stuff.' In order for someone to feel comfortable choosing you to lay down some cards for them or talk them through their issues, they'll be needing some proof that you are worthy of that kind of trust. If you were going to crack yourself wide open in front of someone and invite them to examine the inner workings of your psyche, wouldn't you want to know them from Adam first? Wouldn't you at least want to get a sense of their commitment and compassion?

That's where consistent content creation comes in. It's about showing people what you know and where you've been, showing them the shape of your heart and letting people taste the flavour of your passion and purpose. It's about giving of yourself, showing people your philosophy and becoming a part of the community that you've just walked in to. Putting your thoughts and ideas out there in blog posts, videos, audio files etcetera is about giving people access to you as an individual with a business before you even think of asking for access to them as your clients.

There is no shortcut. There is no fast track, nor should there be. Before you can get anything in this industry, you must give and give gladly.

And you know what else?

Ideally, you should enjoy giving. People can definitely tell if you don't!

And be prepared to keep on giving. There is no end point when it comes to putting quality content out there for people to enjoy and appreciate. If you see your blog posts, audio files or videos as 'just something you need to do until you start getting regular clients' then you're at the wrong party. The truth is that spiritual biz owners should actually want to give of themselves. It shouldn't be something that they need to force themselves to do or something they only plan to use as a short-term success strategy..

If you're really passionate about this thing that you want to do for a living then you should have more than enough to say about it, no? Not to mention all the new things you're learning about it all the time and the way your perspective keeps consistently evolving..

Your content is your overflow - it's the sign that your heart is full of whatever you say it's full of.

Content is proof.

In heart-centred spiritual business, creating content isn't just about driving an audience to the work that you do, it's about living and loving the work that you do. Then and only then will potential clients be able to see clear evidence of your passion, skill and trustworthiness.

If you were selling sneakers you could just come up with one cool ad campaign or a single demonstration video to convey the value of the product. But you're selling soul connection - you're selling wisdom, heart, meaning, insight, healing.. Lift it to that higher vibration, honey!

At the beginning of your journey, you're not talking to anyone in particular because you haven't gathered an audience or community around your work yet. But that doesn't matter! Put your messages out there and keep putting them out there. No one ever created a successful business by waiting around in silence, hoping for a crowd to show up - they just clambered onto the soapbox and started speaking! The thing about spiritual business is that you've got to show people that your passion flows from your veins and that you are living your life purpose whether people's eyes are on you or not. I know that I would still be blogging and making videos even if no one was watching, and that passion is why I am now privileged enough to have people watching! If you give up because you don't have sales or an audience yet then what you're really saying is that you only want to be a spiritual guide if people are going to validate you in doing that.

If you have three subscribers to your channel or just a handful of likes on your Facebook page, value those people and speak to them. Speak to them in meaningful, game-changing ways. Remind them of the light which resides within them. Give them your all. If you can't see the awesome value of one person listening to you and sharing in your journey then a thousand people won't be enough for you and neither will a million. The feeling of having a swelling crowd around you might be nice for your ego, but the feeling of helping one individual and making a difference in their life is what really feeds your spirit. A crowd is nothing but a group of individual people with individual needs, fears and dreams. Start as you mean to go on and value every single person rather than just wishing you had more subscribers or 'likes'. Looking over the heads of the people you're talking to because you're hoping that more people are on their way to the party is just going to take you out of the moment. And, honey, you do your best work when you're in the moment.

Let's get clear on the financial aspect right now. There is no shortcut. There is no way to quickly turn it into a profitable full-time gig. It takes consistency and dedication and that's the end of the story. Building a trusting, appreciative audience of people who value what you have to say should not happen overnight - it is supposed to take time! Don't tell yourself that you're going to leave your boring day job in a matter of months and be a full-time cardslinger. The moment you decide upon that goal, you are already in this industry for the wrong reasons. The people you want to attract as clients are not there to make your dream of spiritual entrepreneurship into a fast-track reality. They are not cash-laden cogs in the machinery of your dream. On the contrary, you are there to serve, inspire and aid them in reaching their goals. Don't get it twisted.

Anyone who considers giving up and pursuing something else because they haven't managed to take it full-time within the first year is not the kind of spiritual guide that the community needs. This is why it's so important that the creation of a sustainable, ethical spiritual business does take time! The time that it takes to get the business off the ground is the test of your intention and commitment. If you are willing to put that time in and keep going without giving up, then you were meant to do this because, hell's bells - you're already fucking doing it! Look at you go!

The fantasy of becoming the next big thing in spiritual guidance is nice, but if the reality of showing up day after day to build that dream is too much for you, then you are not meant for that dream at all. That's how it works and that's keeping it real. Just because you want something doesn't automatically mean you should get it. I have had plenty of 'flash in the pan' ideas about how great it would be to do such-and-such-a-thing for a living or put such-and-such-a-plan into action. Like most people, I fall in love with way more plans than I actually carry out! The idea of something is thrilling but if I don't want to follow through on the reality then, in the end, it was just a pipe dream and nothing more. For some people, a Tarot or spiritual healing business of some kind is going to be one of those things.. Plenty of people have that moment of thinking about how great it would be to make money reading Tarot. But for a lot of those people, the reality of what it takes isn't going to be something that they can stomach. And that's ok. It's not for everyone. But if you really think that it's for you, then you gotta prove it.

I highly recommend not coming to this party with an energy of need and frustration in the money department. Spiritual guidance/healing is never going to be a get-rich-quick industry for the reasons I have already outlined in this blog post, so don't even go there! If you're working a job, keep your job and do your readings or sessions on the side. If you have lost your job unexpectedly or you're looking for a new job right now, don't expect Tarot to be your next paying gig if you've only just arrived on the scene. Get a 'regular' job with steady money and work on your business as the side hustle. Knowing when your next pay packet is coming does wonderful things for your creative energy! The 'starving artist' narrative died a death a while ago. If you were selling sneakers then you could definitely bring a serious thirst for cash into the proceedings and it wouldn't do your business any harm. But when you're selling spiritual and emotional guidance it's imperative that you are able to focus on the needs of others and you cannot do that when you are secretly panicking because your own basic needs are not being met.

One more thing before I wrap this up.

I do not advise explicitly stating or subtly implying that you are running a profitable full-time gig if you're not. I don't know if there's some kind of spiritual business course doing the rounds at the moment which is advising people to do that, but I have seen a definite rise in the use of this 'strategy' among brand new business owners and it's not a good idea. It's ok to be at the beginning of your business journey. It's ok to be honest about that. Everybody was at the beginning once. If you want to instill people with confidence in your abilities then I highly suggest simply showing people your abilities through putting out considered content rather than mentioning that you're 'fully booked with clients' or you 'just love doing this for a full-time living' when that isn't really the case. If you have a handful of subscribers and one Etsy sale but you're claiming to feel 'blessed by all of your loyal clients' and 'overjoyed to be making money through living the dream' then things aren't going to add up. You may feel that it's important to convey your worth to potential clients but behaving as though you are already a reputable, long-term business owner isn't the way to do it. Be real and just show people why they should invest in you.

Over and out!


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